Fujairah Collage

Fujairah Collage
Some distinctive landmarks in Fujairah

Saturday, September 18, 2010

It’s Time for the New Date Roundabout in Fujairah

Fujairah is a city of roundabouts which each symbolize the essence of the way of life lived in this north-eastern emirate—the coffee pot, the perfume dispenser, the falcon and more.

It’s been said that fishing and agriculture are the twin pillars upon which Fujairah was traditionally built.

A fish roundabout stands appropriately on Fujairah’s Corniche Road but the city lacks a roundabout that reminds people of the essential importance of agriculture.

So why not a date roundabout located at the roundabout that connects the suburbs of Al Owaid and Old Fujairah?

This is the roundabout nearby the large date farms on either side of Al Nakheel Road.

View Suggested Location for Date Roundabout in a larger map

The roundabout already boasts half a dozen mature palm trees that bear dates each year.

Roundabout architecture stylishly created in the form of a cluster of ripe dates may complete the circular area and make it look like a Fujairah wadi.

In addition to becoming the only roundabout that brings to mind Fujairah agriculture, the proximity to the Faseel coffee pot roundabout suggesting coffee and dates, would evoke a myriad of sweet memories about daily hospitality and iftar meals at Ramadan.

International Date Line
There would be a certain timeliness in establishing a date roundabout in Fujairah as soon as possible, as in November of this year (22nd to 27th), the UAE is hosting the Fourth International Date Festival.

This will be a conference that will give people the chance to taste hundreds of varieties of dates, sample innovative date recipes, take cooking classes that use dates, discover the history behind the national fruit and learn how the palm tree has been used in Emirati culture.

Something More
This date conference in Abu Dhabi and its interactive activities suggests something more that would benefit Fujairah life and tourism—a date farm (down Al Nakheel Rd?) where people could visit to learn about the importance of dates in the history and in the contemporary life of those living in the Emirates.

The Big Date
You’ve heard of The Big Pineapple in Queensland and The Big Banana in New South Wales?

The Big Date in Fujairah, developed as an interactive, hands-on centre (not a dating service) could become an effective educational centre as well as a powerful tourist magnet.

Take a Look
Some photos related to this article on the proposal of a New Date Roundabout in Fujairah can be found at this link.

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Geoff Pound

Image: “So why not a date roundabout located at the roundabout that connects the suburbs of Al Owaid and Old Fujairah?”

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Good suggestion.
In fact those large date farms' size have been reduced substantially in recent times for residential purposes.