Fujairah Collage

Fujairah Collage
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Thursday, September 16, 2010

When I was Ruler of Fujairah (UAE) for a Day #3

The background to this article is a dream in which the Ruler of Fujairah asked different people to assume his role for a day and these were the notes from my day!

Here is link to the first post which describes how this came about and how I made my first royal decree on issues to do with education in Fujairah.

Here is the second post which describes some new measures to clear the air and enhance the environment.

Now to this, the third and final report on the royal experiment.

Along the Corniche
Time was moving on but I wanted to visit the corniche before finishing my royal duties.

The water was sparkling across the Arabian Sea but as we drove slowly I thought the beach area was looking dowdy and in need of special attention.

Corniche Conversations
As we approached the Fish Roundabout I hit upon an idea—that it would be a good thing to hold some meetings with different groups at the palace to discuss what could be done to improve the Fujairah Corniche.

Many people use the Corniche so we could schedule a meeting for parents and their children to make suggestions and then gather together representatives from the marine fraternity—the Marine Club, boat rentals, the Tourist Night Souq and the Bull Butting organizers. Meetings could be held to canvas ideas on how to improve one of our most valuable treasures.

Time for a Facelift
As I jotted down some ideas for an invitation letter to different groups to discuss an overhaul of the beach precinct I noted a few things that I wanted to see implemented:

Tree Planting
The tacky plastic looking trees would be replaced with the planting of new palm trees to provide shelter for those using the beach. The paving tiles in the middle of the road would be replaced by grass and flower beds to soften and beautify.

Modern Playground
The playground has been updated in recent years but the ground is still uneven, the grass is patchy and the equipment has taken a beating. We would ask parents and children to scan around the world and collect ideas for building a new playground that was safe, creative and innovative.

Swimming Pool
We would establish a first class Olympic size swimming pool with associated diving pools to help prepare swimmers of Fujairah for competing in national and international swimming events as well as offering pools for those who simply wanted to swim or paddle.

Located at the corniche it would offer swimming in salt as well as fresh water.

Part of the complex would incorporate a water amusement park that would be Fujairah’s equivalent of Wild Wadi.

Integrated Marine Sports
It would be good to work with the Marine Club in developing our major water sports—providing schools to train children and young people in sailing, rowing, kayaking, fishing and Jet Ski boating (for older people).

What about providing a range of boats that could be taken out by individuals for leisure rides and for fishing?

Integrated Development
On the other side of the corniche the idea emerged of an integrated plan of cafes with a host of sporting and leisure activities including horse riding, dodgems, quad bikes and mini golf.

What are the other sports and amusement activities that the people of Fujairah and tourists would love to be engaged at the Fujairah corniche?

Bull Butting Arena
Realizing that bull butting is a major tourist attraction, how could this site be upgraded to cope with the hundreds of people who come each Friday, without losing its traditional rustic character? It would be good to consider the building of stands for spectators that would give a better view and ensure the safety of both the animals and the public.

Dreaming Over
It was time to emerge from the dream of being a Ruling Sheikh for a day and reflect upon the important role that is exercised daily by the Ruler and his advisers.

Take a Look
Some photos of the Fujairah Corniche this week are posted at this link.

Geoff Pound

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