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Fujairah Collage
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Monday, September 27, 2010

Middle Eastern Breakfast at Al Meshwar in Fujairah

Middle Eastern
The Al Meshwar restaurant offers one of the best Middle Eastern breakfast menus in Fujairah.

Most of the international hotels in the city include some Middle Eastern dishes but these are usually part of their big and more expensive breakfast buffets which tend to encourage eating up large to make you feel you are getting your money’s worth (that sounds like a confession!).

I’ve been fed too much on the nutritionist’s advice to “eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a pauper.”

For me breakfast is the best meal of the day and while most of the week I’m a creature of habit in regard to my breakfast menu, the weekend is a good time for breaking out and doing something different.

Al Meshwar Breakfast Menu
These are the items as printed on the breakfast menu along with the prices:

AED 15 Fateh with yogurt (some explanation of fateh)
AED 18 Fateh with sesame seed oil
AED 10 Foul Medammas
AED 12 Foul with sesame seed oil
AED 22 Hommos with meat
AED 22 Hommos with pine seeds
AED 20 Nashef, lamb
AED 20 Nashef, chicken
AED 20 Mushrooms with lamb
AED 12 Omelet
AED 10 Fried eggs
AED 10 Scrambled eggs
AED 14 Labneh

Remember that in time these prices are bound to change! So might the menu.

Breakfast begins with Al Meshwar’s classic puffed bread that comes hot from the oven.

A small salad and a plate of assorted olives accompany the order.

I have tried and enjoyed as the main dish the fateh with yogurt (pictured) that comes topped with pine nuts. It is ample especially if you’re eating it with the delicious bread.

The Al Meshwar Experience
With its distinctive architecture this restaurant has taken on an iconic status in Fujairah.

It commenced operations in 1998 and moved to its current location in 2003. With its massive size the restaurant can cater up to 800 people at one time.

Al Meshwar boasts four levels and an outdoor terrace:

Ground: A café with à la carte menu and shisha (and the place for breakfast)

Mezzanine: Café for families only with à la carte menu and shisha. This floor has a private area for families and special functions.

First Floor: Non-smoking area, main restaurant with à la carte offering three sections including general seating and eating, family sections and a private VIP room.

Roof Top: Built for shisha with beautiful fountains and waterfalls to make for a relaxed setting.

Terrace: Whenever the weather allows any meal and shisha can be enjoyed outdoors at the ground floor terrace surrounded by plants and landscaping.

More at Al Meshwar
There’s much more at Al Meshwar from their complete lamb meal (AED 750), seafood section, their huge Al Meshwar mixed grill (for meat lovers) to catering for special functions and free deliveries.

They open each day at 9.00am and finish at some unearthly hour.

Contact Details
Tel: 09 2231113
Fax: 09 2233667
Email: meshwar(at)emirates.net.ae

Al Meshwar is on the main street of Fujairah on the right side as you drive towards Dubai.

Coming from Dubai one can circle the roundabout adjacent to the Fujairah Tower and head up for a few metres in the direction in which you came until you see KFC. It is behind KFC, set off from the main street.

Al Meshwar on the Map

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Take a Look!
More Pictures in this Photo Album.

Download the Menu
It is downloadable from here (this is a 6MB PDF File)

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Image: “I have tried and enjoyed as the main dish the fateh with yogurt (pictured) that comes topped with pine nuts.”

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