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Fujairah Collage
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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

What’s for Sale at the Fujairah Tourist Night Souq?

In addition to the rides for the children in the amusement park and the scenic shisha site, there’s much to buy at the Fujairah Tourist Night Souq.

Cruise Customers and Tourists
One cruise review prepared for the growing number of passengers on cruise ships around the Middle East gives this urging:

“There is also a shopping center where you can bargain. You should visit Fujairah Night Souq. There are approximately 5,000 products you can choose; including trendy boutiques, store chains and a lot more. This place also offers the best entertainment for the whole family. This place is open until the wee hours of the morning.”

Many of the products on display are in the souvenir category and designed to help tourists with their gift and shopping needs.

As the review says, the Fujairah Night Souq is the place to put your bartering skills into practice!

Reasonably Priced
A few of the shops have big ticket items such as computers and printers but generally the Night Souq deals in large quantities of goods that are reasonably priced. Hanif Shaikh, the Managing Director of the Fujairah Tourist Night Souq, says that bags and shaylas are hot items that sell fast. “One of the popular shops,” Hanif says, “sells low-priced clothes from a factory outlet.”

Sweets, Drinks and More
Like any good souq there are shops with refreshments including a stall that specializes in Arabic sweets.

When you’re tired from wandering around the shops, check into the place that offers Thai foot massages.

Take a Preview!
The best way to get a preview of what’s on offer at the Fujairah Tourist Night Souq is to check out this photo album.

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Further Information
* The Fujairah Tourist Night Souq is located on the corniche next to the Marine Club.
* The souq is patronized by His Highness, Sheikh Mohammad Bin Hamad Al Sharqi, the Crown Prince of Fujairah.
* The Managing Director of the Night Souq is Mr. Hanif Shaikh.
* The normal hours for the Night Souq are 5.00pm to 12am.
* Phone: (09) 2239272.

Geoff Pound

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