Fujairah Collage

Fujairah Collage
Some distinctive landmarks in Fujairah

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Looking for a Job in Fujairah?

I wrote earlier about the number of jobs in Fujairah being advertized, how this was a healthy sign of the economy and what I would do if I was looking for a job in the eastern city of the UAE.

'Tranquil Fujairah'
This pattern seems to be continuing. I was interested in the descriptive detail that supported one job listed in an Australian newspaper today.

It was headed up:
“Stunning School in tranquil Fujairah needs an Early Years Teacher ASAP!!

Among the supporting information it said about the school’s location and Fujairah: ‘Beautiful and peaceful location….nestled against the rugged Hajar mountainous range. Ideal location for someone looking for peace and quiet and who enjoys outdoor activities.’

I was intrigued by a different role advertised in an email that also came today in a listing of ‘Jobs in the Gulf’. It contained this exciting one minute video entitled:
Collecting Sewerage in Fujairah

The additional information to this footage said: ‘All sewerage here has to be collected weekly by tanker truck—most different.’ Fortunately that 2008 information is now out of date following the introduction of a modern sewerage system.

On the Youtube site there is a range of ‘related videos’ depicting other moving operations but I have spared viewers from reading these on the video embedded in this blog.

Between the marketing blurb about the tranquil position for a peace-loving teacher and the very moving experience of a modern Fujairah Night-Cart man there are lots of good jobs going!

Geoff Pound

Image: “Nestled against the rugged Hajar mountain range.”

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rosh said...

Fujairah, undoubtedly, the best kept secret in the UAE.