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Fujairah Collage
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Sunday, September 12, 2010

The Sweets of Eid in the UAE and Region

We’ve seen them in the shops and souqs—baklava, halwa, chocolates, petit-fois and more.

A new Gulf News video highlights the sweets associated with the Eid Festival but thankfully they are available throughout the year.

The short film looks at different sweets and how they are made, displayed and presented.

The commentator, Mayada Al Askari, points out how sweets come in different forms with different ingredients and toppings according to the country and taste. It is fascinating to see the way that the sweets available in the UAE are influenced by the traditions of many other countries such as Iran, India and Pakistan.

This video conveys the message that sweets are not just about satisfying the hunger but about symbolizing the sweetness of the festival and savoring delicious memories.

This video might make you drool! Watch it after you’ve eaten!

Go to the Video at This Link
Eid Sweets, Gulf News, 9 September 2010. Check out the many other interesting and informative GN videos at the same link.

Geoff Pound

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