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Fujairah Collage
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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Al Koptan Café Sets Up Business in Growth Area of Fujairah


Al Koptan (the Captain) has recently started to brew and serve coffee on the ground floor of an apartment tower on Kuwait Road.

This is the by-pass road that runs down to the Beach Motel.

The new café is across the road from the HCT Women’s College and down a few buildings.

The business is likely to thrive as this commercial district grows and it will take off when Al Hilal city is truly humming.

The café is comprised of a ground floor with the counter, preparation area and several tables and an upstairs room that is decked out with tables under umbrellas to create a nautical atmosphere.

Televisions on both levels were set to some sports channels but surely can broadcast a range of stations.


On the menu are 12 varieties of coffee, 5 of tea, a host of cold drinks (soft and fruit) and 17 of the ‘mix and shake’ variety (milk shakes, smoothies and tropical mix).

A selection of cakes is available.


The phone number for Al Koptan Café is (09) 223 7996.

Opening Hours

At present the café opens at 1.00pm and it closes at 1.00am. Unfortunately breakfast and morning coffee drinkers will not be able to get their fix from Al Koptan.


Only tried one drink at this new café and the coffee (Americano) was excellent!

Take a Look

Some photos of Al Koptan Café are posted in this photo album.

Download the Menu

Have a look at the range and prices on the menu by clicking on this download link.

N.B. The range of items offered and the prices are accurate as at the opening in August 2011. They will surely change in the months and years to come.

Geoff Pound

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