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Fujairah Collage
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Monday, September 5, 2011

Fujairah Company Offers Ships a Defence Against Pirates

The Fujairah branch of Goltens is offering ship owners a positive solution in the fight against pirates on the high seas.

Their tailor made ‘Anti Piracy System’ is simple yet proving to be effective. Goltens produces a kit for each ship that consists of a system of razor wire and spikes.


The average cost of the defence kit is $15-20,000 which is a small price compared with the millions being extorted by pirates in ransom payments and the soaring price of insuring ships and securing voyages.

There is normally a 3-4 day preparation period when materials are created in the Goltens workshop and then between 12-16 hours are needed for the installation on the ship.


In an article published in Golten’s newsletter (issue 1, 2011) entitled, ‘Pirates Defeated by Creative Thinking’, the Fujairah company claims that “so far, no vessel kitted out with Goltens defences has been attacked, even though some have been approached by pirates looking for easy targets.”

The comprehensive network of razor wire and spikes seems to act as a deterrent, by sending pirates off to a ship that appears less of a challenge.

Goltens recognizes that the wire and spike system is only part of a total solution but it is quick and cheap and the visibility of it appears to be having the desired effect.

From Paralysis to Positive Solutions

The increasing prominence of piracy, especially in the Gulf of Aden, has left ship owners feeling daunted. For a Fujairah company that has majored in the more mundane activities of repairing and reconditioning marine engines, it is good to see the innovative flair and the positive contribution that Goltens is making to a huge international challenge.

Geoff Pound

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Images: A look at how the Goltens Anti Piracy system appears on a ship. Photos courtesy of Goltens.

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