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Fujairah Collage
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Friday, September 16, 2011

Lulu Mall May Be the First of Many Fujairah Malls

Not everyone is pleased about the Malling of Fujairah but in 12-24 months Fujairah will go from being mall-less to possessing these four malls:

+ Fujairah Mall (part of the Fujairah Commercial Complex opposite the Toyota Roundabout)

+ Fujairah City Centre (at the first set of lights when arriving from Dubai)

+ Lulu Mall (the extension of the Lulu Hypermarket)

+ Century Mall (formerly called Al Safeer Mall, near the Beach Motel)

A further mall, ready in 2015, is planned for Fujairah’s Al Hilal city and looks to be located on the left of the traffic lights on the road to Khor Fakkan, when one reaches the intersection of the Fujairah Port and the Fujairah Freezone.

Lulu Mall in 9/12

The Lulu Mall may be the first mall in Fujairah to be opened. The General Manager of Lulu in Fujairah city, Mr. Asif Moidu Ahmed, reported this week that the first phase of the new construction should be ready for business in September 2012.

The first phase represents 75% of the total area. The second phase, to be completed six months later involves the task of joining the existing building with the new construction.

“Every care will be taken,” Ahmed said, “so there is the least disruption to business and customer service as possible.”

Lulu Facilities

* The total built up area will be 41,000 square metres in a Basement, Ground and First Floor construction.

* 76 retail shops are planned for the Lulu Mall with three cinemas, a food court and an amusement area for children.

* Plenty of new parking spaces will be available for cars underneath the new building.

* The existing supermarket will be extended and the shelving and all other facilities will be completely new.

Stores in the Lulu Mall

The specific shops in the new Lulu mall are yet to be determined. Leasing arrangements are due to commence by the end of September 2011.

Mr. Asif Moidu Ahmed said that the composition of the RAK Mall, where the Lulu Hypermarket is the flagship and anchor store, might give a good idea of the type of outlets that will be in Fujairah’s Lulu Mall.

Take a Look

Some photos taken in September 2011 of the progress of Fujairah’s Lulu Mall are posted in this photo album.


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