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Fujairah Collage
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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Faceless Fujairah Candidate Vows to be the Loudest Voice at FNC

The campaign billboards are currently on every main street in Fujairah depicting the names of the candidate and their photos but there is one board that stands out because it does not show a face.

One of three female candidates standing for election to represent Fujairah at the Federal National Council (FNC), Mouza Saeed Nowaylah told The National, “We can’t even put up our pictures on posters like the rest of the candidates because they will frown upon it.”

Rym Ghazal, journalist at The National, wrote in an article entitled, ‘Feminine Voices Speak Up in Fujairah’ that the women candidates are not only competing against the men but “against centuries of tradition where women play a subordinate role in a largely conservative emirate.”

Some women have posted their photos on their campaign boards but the frowns may increase in accordance with the youthfulness of the candidate. At 24 years of age, Mouza Saeed Nowaylah is the youngest candidate running this year. She is also single which maybe another reason why some might disapprove of a photo.

How much of a disadvantage is it not to have the candidate’s photo on the billboard? Do people vote according to the way the candidate looks? For some youthfulness may be a plus, signifying fresh talent and a representative of change, whereby others may vote for the look of maturity and experience.

If most candidates didn’t think it was an advantage to have their face appearing with their name they wouldn’t have posted a photo on their billboard. The face is as crucial to a candidate’s identity as their name.

To the discerning voter the contribution the representative makes in the council is the ultimate issue not how well they look or appear at the meetings. Mouza Saeed Nowaylah promised, “I will be the voice most heard at the FNC meetings.”

The challenge in this last week of campaigning is for all voters to examine the significance of the policies of each candidate, explore their track record in getting things done and evaluate how best each might represent their constituency and work to achieve the vision of the entire country.

Geoff Pound

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Image: “But there is one board that stands out because it does not show a face.”

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