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Fujairah Collage
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Monday, September 26, 2011

Fujairah Fishing Competition Scheduled for 14 October 2011

First Up

The Fujairah International Marine Club (FIMC) has released the date of the annual fishing competition: 14 October 2011.

This is the first event of the activities they are planning for the forthcoming 2011-2012 Season.


Check the official documents (downloadable below) but here is the basic timetable for the day:

8.00-8.30am All competitors must be registered.

8.45am is the time when all boat owners and operators need to be at the FIMC for the checking of the documents (see Rules and Regulations).

9.00am Briefing session for all competitors.

9.30am Leaving time will be signaled by the waving of a green flag.

4.30pm All boats and competitors must be back at the FIMC.

4.45pm Weighing of the catch.

5.15pm Prize Giving Ceremony


Safety is taken very seriously by the organizers at the FIMC and to this end, they have prepared a list of rules and regulations with a check list of essential equipment that each competitor and boat owner/operator must have and display at 8.45am.


There are categories for women and men:

* 3 prizes for female competitors

* 3 prizes for the heaviest catch

* 3 prizes for the longest catch

* 1 prize for the most unusual catch.

The decisions of the Organizing Committee will be final.

Competition Fees

Each male competitor will pay the entrance fee of Dh50.

Female competitors do not have to pay an entrance fee.

Boats for Hire/Got a Space to Offer?

If you do not have your own boat or you don’t know anyone with a boat that you can join, discuss this matter with a representative at the FIMC.

They have boats for hire and there are other local hire boat companies.

If you have a boat with some space and you can take others, please let the FIMC know so that more people can participate in this event.

Fun Day

The first item listed on the FIMC’s list of Rules and Regulations is that “this competition is intended as a fun event.”

This is a great ‘rule’ and the Managing Director, Major Ahmed Ebraheim Al Blooshi and his team at the Fujairah International Marine Club, are to be congratulated for staging this fun, community event.

Contact for Information and Initial Registration

Fujairah International Marine Club

P O Box 2099

Fujairah, UAE

Tel: +971 09 222 1166

Fax: +971 09 222 9711

Email: fimcfuj@emirates.net.ae

Other phone numbers that have been listed in regard to this event:

050 7999434

050 6807014

050 3990376


The Rules and Regulations for the FIMC Fishing Competition 2011 are at this link for download.

The Entry Form for the FIMC Fishing Competition 2011 is at this link for download. Fill it out and email it to the FIMC to speed up your registration.

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Geoff Pound

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Image: FIMC Fishing Competition 2011 poster.

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