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Fujairah Collage
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Sunday, September 18, 2011

New Al Hilal City Catering for the Growth of Fujairah

Unique Project

Al Hilal City, in the Al Sherah area of Fujairah, is currently being constructed as a huge residential and business development.

This new city is strategically placed (pictured) between the commercial district that is forming along Kuwait Road and the Fujairah Freezone and the Port.

The Fujairah Municipality website describes Al Hilal as “the first of its type in the emirate of Fujairah…a complete city.”


The Al Hilal Company has developed this project to emphasize Fujairah’s position as a tourist attraction and a market to create more opportunities for investment in the area of real estate.

With a current population of approximately 180,000 and growing at a rate of 10,000 each year, the emirate of Fujairah is running out of flat land within easy access of the city services that can be used for residential purposes. The new Al Hilal City of towers is expected to be able to accommodate 70,000 people.

General Manager of the Fujairah Municipality, Mohammed Al Afkham, believes that with the completion of the Dubai-Fujairah highway, Al Hilal City could be an alternative for people who want to work in Dubai but live in Fujairah.

Style and Design

The new city has been divided into nine areas with each area serving different purposes.

The city will have 130 towers each with 20 to 30 floors for various purposes: tourist attractions, commercial offices, residential apartments and hotels with apartments and rooms.

It will incorporate shopping malls, movie theatres and mosques.

One of the dangers of a high-rise city is that residents and visitors can feel closed in and be consigned to views of other buildings. To overcome this the new city is being constructed with green spaces covering 40% of the total area. There will be a network of paved roads linking all areas of the city as well as providing easy access roads to other parts of the city of Fujairah.


Al Hilal gets its name from the crescent moon (hilal) which is foundational to Islam and is that which is looked for by Moon Sighting Committees to signal the commencement of Ramadan.

130 high towers in the new city should give ample opportunities to sight the hilal!


The roads have been formed and the main commercial tower is nearing completion. Al Hilal City is expected to be finished in 2015.

Al Hilal Properties has set up offices on the ninth floor of the Fujairah Tower and will be overseeing the leasing arrangements for businesses and residential apartments.

In their office they have models of Al Hilal City and some of the commercial and residential towers.


Al Hilal Properties

P O Box 7575

Fujairah, UAE

Phone: 09 222 5584

Fax: 09 222 3060


Take a Look

Some photos and architectural impressions are posted in this photo album.

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Image: This new city is strategically placed (pictured above taken as a snapshot from Wikimapia) between the commercial district that is forming along Kuwait Road and the Fujairah Freezone and the Port.

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