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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Saj Panino Restaurant in Fujairah

The Saj Panino restaurant has opened its doors on the southern side of the Al Jassim Building in the Fujairah suburb of Faseel, off King Faysal Rd.

The offerings on the menu are an Italian/Lebanese blend which include panino appetizers, panino salad, mish pizza, panino plates, side orders, modern saj dishes, saj omelettes and a long list of fruit cocktails to wash the food down.

The specialty is cooking the bread and food on the saj (صاج) which is a round domed grill, like an upside down wok, that is often used in the Middle East, particularly in Lebanon.

The saj is used to make markouk, the delicious light, thin bread which in this restaurant is used for many of the items, including the shawarma panino and the panino salad.

The food is reasonably priced, the restaurant has been tastefully decorated and a delivery service is available.

Contact Details

Al Jassim Building, Faseel, Fujairah.

Phone: (09) 223 7772


The Saj Panino opens at 8am and closes at 1am.

Saj Cooking

See how bread is prepared and cooked on the saj.

Check Out the Menu

Have a look at the new menu by clicking on this link.

N.B. Over time the menu items and prices change so the original menu may well be out of date by the time you download it.


The motto of the restaurant promises much: ‘Come hungry; Leave Happy.”

Take a Look

Some photos of the Saj Panino restaurant are posted in this photo album.

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