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Friday, January 27, 2012

Books by Mohammad Al Dhanhani Launched at Fujairah Monodrama Festival

Two books by, Fujairah writer and poet, Mohammad Saeed Al Dhanhani, were launched at the 5th Fujairah International Monodrama Festival on 25 January 2012.

The books, Ya Lail Ma Atwalak and Al Yazra, were launched at the majlis associated with the Dibba Al Fujairah Theatre. The two volumes were recently published by the Fujairah Culture and Media Authority.

The book launch and signing were chaired by poet and former Jordanian Minister of Culture, Jerais Samawi, who explained the importance of Al Dhanhani’s books and the richness of their symbols and allusions.

Samawi said that the texts go into the depths of the human mind and extract the thoughts and concerns. The books also take their inspiration from the local Emirati environment and introduce that unique landscape to Arab readers. The chairman also spoke highly of the flow of words and the different human emotions that the texts evoke.

Tribute from Friend and Colleague

Mohamed Saif Al Afkham, Director of the Fujairah Municipality and Director of the Monodrama Festival, was introduced as one of Al Dhanhani’s best and lifelong friends and a companion in creative and cultural work. In his personal tribute, Al Afkham stated that the Al Dhanhani is enthusiastic, one who believes in himself and a creator that shared his ideas with him.

“Al Dhanhani’s theatrical texts have all begun as mere ideas,” Al Afkham said. “These ideas soon turn to realities in the pages of his plays, poems or television scripts.”

Iraqi artist and director, Aziz Khayoun, talked about his experience in working with Al Dhanhani when they staged Al Haffar, a play that was a huge success.

A Moving Dedication

Al Dhanhani thanked people for attending the book signifying and those who contributed to turning his dreams into realities. He then read a text from his first poetry book, Sudfa (published in 2011) and then signed copies of the books for the guests of the festival. The author dedicated these books to his late father who died in 2011.

About Al Dhanhani

Mohammad Saeed Al Dhanhani was born in Dibba, Al Fujairah in 1969. He is the Director of His Highness, the Ruler of Fujairah’s Court. He currently serves as Vice Chairman of the Fujairah Culture and Media Authority and Chairman of the Fujairah International Monodrama Festival.

Some of Al Dhanhani’s theatrical plays include: Fanous, Qatra, Sheraa Al Samoum, Al Layla Al Akheera, Ya Lail Ma Atwalak and Al Haffar.

His television scripts include Sara Ellail, Lel Asrar Khoyot, Al Ghafa, Wadeema and Ma Nettefeg.

Al Dhanhani won the best theatrical text award for his play Ya Lail Ma Atwalak and has been honored at a number of Arab and international festivals.

Most recently the spectacular dramatic and dance performance, The World Passes Through Here, was written by Mohammad Saeed Al Dhanhani and thrilled all those who attended the opening ceremony of the 5th Fujairah International Monodrama Festival at the Fujairah Fort.


The book launch was conducted in Arabic. Thanks to Mahmoud Allam for some of the above content and Hessa Al Falasi for her translation.


Top photo (from left to right)—Mohammad Saeed Al Dhanhani, Jerais Samawi, Mohamed Saif Al Afkham (paying his tribute) and Aziz Khayoun.

Middle Photo: Mohammad Saeed Al Dhanhani signing one of many books on the night.

Bottom Photo: HE Mohammad Saeed Al Dhanhani, at his office at the Diwan in his role as Director of His Highness, the Ruler of Fujairah’s Court.


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