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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Fujairah Monodrama Celebrates Egyptian Actor Amro Saad

The 5th Fujairah International Monodrama Festival (FIMF) this week celebrated the career of the young Egyptian actor, Amro Saad.

On 24 January 2012 Saad gave a lecture in which he outlined his experience with the Egyptian cinema and the development of his acting career.

The lecture was chaired by Hussam Abdul Hadi and was held in the Al Majlis Hall that is associated with the Dibba Al Fujairah Theatre. The lecture and discussion was well attended by a large number of Arab and international artists as well as guests to the FIMF.

Overnight Movie Star

Saad said that his acting career commenced by coincidence. He wanted to be a journalist but his father wanted his son to enroll in a College specializing in interior design, so that he’d secure a good job with a healthy salary. Saad attended the Applied Arts College in Cairo and worked as an interior designer for five years. He was discovered by Yousif Shaheen and Khalid Yousif and invited to act as the main character in the movie Heen Myassara that screened in 2009. Overnight Saad became a star.

His second movie, Dukkan Shahata, was a huge success and the public found a new idol in Saad.

Amro Saad said he was initially nominated for the leading role in the movie Kheyana Mashroo’a (Legal Betrayal), instead of Hani Salama, but he rejected the offer to accept the leading role in Heen Myassara, on which he worked for five years.

School of Giants

Saad told the audience that he not only graduated from the Yousif Shaheen school of art but from the school of all the giants of Egyptian cinema such as Mahmoud Al Melaigi, Ahmad Zaki, Nour Al Sherif and Suad Husni, from whom he learned much.

Saad is currently working on a new movie, Aswar Al Aqamar (Walls of the Moon), which starts shooting next week.

Television and Theatre

Saad’s lecture was followed by a vigorous discussion between the audience and the actor.

Artist, Nour Al Sherif, suggested that Saad should “experience acting in live theatre at least once every four years because it’s a necessary experience for every actor who wants to polish their skills.”

Tribute Award

After the lecture and discussion, His Excellency, Mohammad Saeed Al Dhanhani, Chairman of the FIMF, paid tribute to Amro Saad and presented him with an award.


Thanks to Mahmoud Allam for the above content and Hessa Al Falasi for her translation.


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Top (from left to right) Chairperson Hussam Abdul Hadi and Amro Saad.

Bottom (from left to right) HE Mohammad Saeed Al Dhanhani, Chairman of the FIMF, paying tribute to Amro Saad and presenting him with an award.

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