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Fujairah Collage
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Monday, January 30, 2012

The UAE According to the Human Rights Watch Report 2012

Every year, for the last 22 years, Human Rights Watch (HRW) has published a World Report summarizing the condition of human rights in more than 90 countries and territories throughout the world.

‘Arab Spring’

HRW has just released their 2012 report and within it there is an article on the ‘Arab Spring’ that has created opportunities both for change and oppression.

UAE and Human Rights

The UAE is ranked and featured in the HRW Report 2012. Read the changes listed and the rationale given.

A news conference was held in Dubai on 25 January 2012 at which the report was launched and a statement made about the state of human rights and the UAE in this last year. Here is a brief report on the UAE.

Download the HRW World Report 2012

The 676-page World Report can be downloaded from this link.

Check out the country you are from and read the issues raised.

Have a look at the thematic essays and videos available from this link.

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