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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Fujairah Culture and Media Authority Publishes ‘The World of Theatre’

Important Publication

The Fujairah Culture and Media Authority in the United Arab Emirates has recently published the Arabic version of the book, ‘The World of Theatre’.

This has been achieved in cooperation with the International Theatre Institute (ITI) and the Azmina Publishing House in Jordan. The book's publication coincides with the fifth Fujairah International Monodrama Festival (FIMF) which starts on 20 January 2012.

Subject of the Book

The book reviews theatre issues in 45 countries around the world in the period from 2008-2010. It comprises articles written by theatre experts, critics and media personalities who analyze and convey in detail the new directions of theatre at their countries, the theatre groups that have been formed recently, along with their shows and special characteristics. The articles were translated from English to Arabic, although most of them were at first written in their original languages.

Writers and Publishers

Mohamed Saif Al Afkham, Secretary General of ITI and FIMF Director, supervised the publication of the book which was edited and reviewed by Jordanian writer Yahya Al Qaisi.

Royal Commendation

His Highness Sheikh Rashid bin Hamad Al Sharqi, Chairman of Fujairah Culture and Media Authority wrote in his introduction of the book:

“The cultural movement in general and the theatre movement in particular both on the Arabic and international levels became a distinctive mark of Fujairah. The Fujairah International Monodrama Festival which is held every two years, the selection of Fujairah as the centre of ITI, the publication of several specialized books about theatre, and the International Playwriting Competition are some of the many ways Fujairah is supporting theatre. This has all contributed in creating a rich environment for creativity and facilitating the cultural movement in the UAE. The World of Theater has been periodically published in both English and French for more than a quarter of a century by ITI. Fujairah Culture and Media Authority has chosen to make it available for Arab readers everywhere in order to introduce to them the contemporary theatre movements, and to keep them in the know about the theatre issues of more than forty countries worldwide. This is the second time FCMA has published the Arabic version of this book. This is because of FCMA's belief that such books form a true cultural bridge for communication between Arabs and the entire world.”

“The Fujairah Culture and Media Authority renews its commitment to work on all that serves the cultural movement in Fujairah and all the other emirates of our beloved country, and to be a place for Arabic and international creativity, guided in its road by the vision of His Highness, Sheikh Hamad bin Mohammad Al Sharqi, Member of the Supreme Council and Ruler of Fujairah, and his endless support and wise directives, and the continuous support of His Highness, Sheikh Mohammad bin Hamad Al Sharqi, Crown Prince of Fujairah.”

The ITI and Fujairah

In his introduction to the book, Mohamed Saif Al Afkham writes:

"The International Theatre Institute (ITI) has worked as an international cultural organization since its foundation by UNESCO in Prague in 1948. Through its network of regional centers, branches and associated members from all over the world, ITI works on supporting theatre movement in member countries and developing the exchange of experiences in all theatre genres. It also promotes peace and solidarity among nations and increases creative collaboration between all parties. The Arab countries' share of all this was as uneven as the conditions and volatility plaguing them. Nevertheless, ITI remained committed to continuing to work diligently through participation in international festivals and conferences, and drawing many of the Arab countries to its membership.”

“The culmination of this Arabic international cooperation was the opening of the Fujairah Centre for ITI, and acknowledging it as the second international centre for ITI after Paris. Thus, Fujairah has taken it upon itself to provide all means of support for the success of ITI's objectives and plans in relation to cultural cooperation with Arab countries and promoting understanding between nations. His Highness Sheikh Rashid bin Hamad Al Sharqi, Chairman of Fujairah Culture and Media Authority had the biggest role in activating the work of the centre and supporting with all possible means. Fujairah International Monodrama Festival with all its editions is, perhaps, the natural outcome of supporting the global theatre movement and the continuous commitment to ITI's activities and events.”

The World of Theatre which is issued once every two years in English and French is an important documentation of the world's contemporary theatre movement. There is a tremendous amount of time and effort invested in it and publishing its Arabic version for the second time is a source of pride for ITI. The Arabic reader will be able to read about the theatre movement of the countries selected in the book and their cultural and intellectual issues and approaches. This is of course a great contribution to the exchange of knowledge and experience between the Arab world and other countries …"

Exhaustive Compendium

The book has 432 pages and it includes information and detailed analysis about theatre in the following countries: Argentina, Jordan, Estonia, Germany, UAE, USA, Uganda, Ukraine, Iran, Iceland, Italy, Portugal, UK, Belgium, Bulgaria, Benin, Burkina Faso, Czech Republic, Tanzania, Georgia, Denmark, Russia, White Russia, Romania, Slovenia, Syria, Sweden, Switzerland, Sri Lanka, China, Philippine, Cyprus, Croatia, Democratic Republic of Congo, Latvia, Luxemburg, Egypt, Macedonia, Norway, Austria, Nepal, Holland, Japan.

Purchasing Details

‘The World of Theatre’ in Arabic is not for sale but it can be obtained from the Fujairah Culture and Media Authority. Contact: h-alfalasi@windowslive.com

The version is French and English can be ordered through the International Theatre Institute (ITI).


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Contact Details

Fujairah International Monodrama Festival website.

Fujairah Culture and Media Authority

Executive Manager, Ibrahim Allan: +971 (0) 9 2222678

Email: Ibrahim@fcma.gov.ae

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