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Fujairah Collage
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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Fujairah and the Freedom from Plastic Bags

The Fujairah Municipality is recommitting Fujairah to the UAE government initiative in 2009 which goes under the slogan, ‘Emirates Free of Plastic Bags’.

Circular to Companies

The Municipality has issued a circular to all commercial establishments in the emirate to prohibit the distribution of plastic bags that are not biodegradable.

Register Plastic Products

Fujairah businesses are asked to register their plastic products to ensure that they conform to the correct bags (according to the UAE’s Emirates Authority for Standardization and Metrology) by January 2012.

All Fujairah companies are also alerted to regular, surprise inspections in order to ensure that they comply with the Ministerial Decree (#451) in regard to using biodegradable bags and other products.

Public Awareness

The Municipality’s new drive aims to raise the awareness of the public about the dangers of traditional plastic bags and to encourage the use and re-use of biodegradable bags.

A very comprehensive program of events are being run in factories, schools, clubs and city halls with lectures, films and workshops while leaflets have been distributed and posters placed to raise public awareness.

Reusable Bags Need Promotion

The biodegradable plastic bags take 18 months to breakdown and their availability at supermarket checkouts still encourages consumption.

Why not charge customers for using any form of plastic bag and encourage people to bring their own reusable shopping bags made from jute or a similar material?

It would be good for the Fujairah Municipality to promote free reusable bags on which supermarkets and other shops could place their logo.

The charging for plastic bags and the promotion of reusable bags would do much to encourage a genuine freedom from plastic and promote environmental responsibility.


What more would you like to see happen regarding the use of plastic for marketing and carry bags?

Geoff Pound

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