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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Al Shamaa: A Favourite Fujairah Restaurant and Cafeteria

Shawarma Favourite

In response to a Fujairah in Focus—Facebook question about which Fujairah eatery serves the best shawarma, the Al Shamaa Restaurant & Cafeteria was mentioned many times as a shawarma favourite.


Looking inside the restaurant, there is nothing distinctive or attractive. ‘Cafeteria’ may be the better word with which to describe Al Shamaa. The small interior is cluttered with drink machines and refrigerators. There are only three small tables which can accommodate a maximum number of 11 seated diners.


The constant tooting of car horns out the front of Al Shamaa indicates that many customers prefer their fried chicken via this modified ‘drive thru’ method. Al Shamaa workers rush out the front at the sound of a new horn and the orders and payments are all transacted through the car windows.


The two or three red Al Shamaa cars outside the restaurant provide another clue as to the popularity of this place. The free Home Delivery service to any home and business in Fujairah makes Al Shamaa very attractive.

Best Shawarma

The shawarma is only one of a score of items on the Al Shamaa menu (In Arabic and English) and is offered as a shawarma plate (with three flavours) or in the traditional wrap for 3.50 AED or 4.00 AED. Shawarmas are only available after 6pm.

Fried chicken is the main feature of this cafeteria and they look to be giving KFC a run for their money.

20 Hours

Al Shamaa opens at 8am and closes at 4am and their free home delivery is in operation for these hungry 20 hours of the day and night.


The menu says that the restaurant is on Park Road. It is within striking distance of the Ladies and Children’s Park but the road sign calls this Fahim Road. It is next door to a mosque and there are beautiful palm trees in the middle of this road. Another landmark is the Safeer Supermarket and Roundabout which is over and along the road from Al Shamaa.

See the location of Al Shamaa on Google Maps.

Contact Details

09 2225286, 2225328, 055 4580851


The menu items and prices are likely to change over the years but here is the Al Shamaa menu for download as at April 2011.

Geoff Pound

This article is also posted on the Facebook Page—Fujairah in Focus.

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