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Monday, April 25, 2011

Students from HCT-Fujairah Win Poster Design Competition

Global Challenge
Sixty-five students from the Higher Colleges of Technology (HCT)-Fujairah recently competed in the HCT Poster Competition in Dubai which was part of the ‘Global Citizenship Challenge’.

Seven Fujairah teams were successful in winning the coveted prizes for their poster designs. The competition and following ceremony, held at Dubai Women’s College on 17th March 2011, signaled the culmination of a five week project focusing on global citizenship.

HCT-Fujairah was represented by Bachelor, Higher Diploma and Diploma students from the men’s and women’s campuses.

Project Aim

The aim of the project was to encourage awareness, to find solutions to global challenges and to practice responsible citizenship.

The system-wide competition followed on from a college competition that took place on 6th March 2011 at Fujairah Women’s College. More than sixty posters featured in the local competition. Winners of the local competition went on to compete in the national competition.

The Awards

HCT-Fujairah students performed excellently overall during the national competition, earning seven of a possible nine national awards.

Winning posters, with pictures of many of their creators are:

First Place Winners (2500 AED prize money)

Bachelor students from FMC ‘Only One Earth’

Higher Diploma students from FWC ‘Recycling Computers’

Diploma students from FWC ‘Secondhand smoke’

Second Place Winners (1500 AED prize money)

Bachelor students from FWC ‘Empowering women’

Higher Diploma students from FWC ‘Diabetes’

Diploma students from FWC ‘Dangerous Driving’

Third Place Winner (1000 AED prize money)

Diploma students from FMC ‘Climate Change’


Shaindra Sewbaran, faculty member from Fujairah Women’s College, was pleased with the success of the venture saying, “A valuable educational message was learnt through this competition!” He was joined by fellow faculty member Christine Baldwin who said, “Being on the celebration bus back to Fujairah made it all worthwhile….”

HCT-Fujairah is pleased with the students who represented the college so well at such an important event and the plaudits go to them. As Gabriel Greenspan, another faculty member said, “I was so proud of our students. They were so professional, and we won!”

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