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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Why Visit the New Fortune Royal Hotel in Fujairah?

The Fortune Royal Hotel obtained its permission to operate from the Fujairah municipality two days ago and opened for business immediately.

The hotel opened with the sound of thunder, the flash of lightning and the rain which fell, all of which the management interpreted as signs of blessing!

The Fortune management in the UAE consists of Praveen Shetty (Managing Director of the Fortune Group in the UAE), Alok Narula (UAE Group Manager for the Fortune Hotels, UAE) and Walid Issa Baw (Manager of the Fujairah Fortune Residence Hotel Apartments and the new Fujairah Fortune Royal Hotel.

Why Visit the Fortune Royal Hotel?

Here are some reasons why people might visit the Fortune:

1. Location! Location! Location!

This city hotel is near the Fujairah Corniche and as such, it possesses magnificent views of the Arabian Sea as well as views of the city.

The hotel is within walking distance of the Fujairah souqs (markets) on the main street and a short taxi ride from the business community and the Fujairah International Airport. If the weather is cool (October to April) you can walk most places from this hotel. When it is hot or you’re feeling tired you can take a cab.

The hotel has a swimming pool (on the roof deck) and a fitness centre but you are only 1 minute away from Fujairah’s largest gym and aquatic centre—the Fujairah Corniche!

2. Options! Options! Options!

The hotel has had a ‘soft launch’, which means the management hasn’t prepared every facility and wants to make sure everything is in good working order before they wave the flags and cut the cake. They want to test out different facilities, leave their options open and see what their customers desire in a new hotel.

Here are some examples of the flexible options and functionalities:

There are four Nightclubs on offer:

1. Wanasah with an Arabic theme in its music and food.

2. Tarangini, a South Indian & Bengali club.

3. Sargam, a North Indian club.

4. Ratsky, a Filipino club (soon to open).

Of course people are free to visit wherever they want but these are some of the options that are increasing Fujairah entertainment possibilities. The managers are keen to set a high standard at the Night Clubs and the bands will turn over every three months.

Access to these clubs is via the side (northern entrance) rather than the main Al Gurfa Road entrance. Further details about location and hours are listed below.

Food is served in these clubs according to their distinctive flavour but in addition there is the Coffee Shop in the hotel foyer, Taravad, a fine dining restaurant, which when finished in a month, will have chefs fresh from Kerala. Diners will enjoy private and public dining options that look out towards the Hajar Mountains.

Freddy’s Restaurant is many things—the place where guests and Fujairah residents can come for breakfast in the morning, a restaurant for lunch and dinner where you can eat soups, sandwiches, burgers, bar food, continental dishes, tandoor samplers, Indian selections, Chinese food and some delectable desserts. Herman Francis, the Food and Beverage Manager, has done a good job with his menu selections.

Freddy’s also has the touch of an English pub where the beers and bar food are reasonably priced and can be enjoyed while watching the cricket, the football or the channel of your choice. Alternatively, you can look out the window and feast your eyes on the sea just to the right of the Fujairah Marine Club.

One further example of options is the Banquet and Functions Room on the eleventh floor. This is a huge area but can be made more personal for your Club Function, class reunion or child’s birthday party. Again, it has magnificent views over the Arabian Sea so if you get bored with the company you can enjoy some of the top views in Fujairah towards the sea or down Al Gurfa Road towards the Fujairah Port and business district.

Managing Director, Mr. Praveen Shetty, said the Fortune is a business person’s hotel with a business centre and desks in the bedrooms but if people come wanting to blob out, then their room can be arranged accordingly and their desk will be banished from sight.

3. Cost Effective

While the Fortune Royal Hotel has a 4 star accreditation, it does not cost a fortune to stay. The tariffs have been reasonably set and, as indicated above, the prices for the food and beverage are attractive.

Take a Look

Some pictures of the Fortune Royal Hotel are contained in this Photo Album.

Download the Food and Beverage Menus

(N.B. The menu items and prices are accurate as at April 2011. They will change but these lists are posted to give an idea of the variety of what is offered).

The Coffee Shop—in the main entrance on the ground floor: Download the Menu.

Freddy’s Restaurant and Bar: Download the Menu.

Taravad Restaurant for fine dining. This restaurant should be finished within a month. Download the Menu.

Sargam (Nth. Indian Night Club) on Mezzanine Level 1 from 9pm-3am: Download the Menu.

Tarangini (South Indian & Bengali Night Club) on Mezzanine Level 1 from 9pm-3am: Download the Menu.

Wanasah (Arabic Night Club on Mezzanine Level 2 from 9pm-3am: Download the Menu.

Ratsky (Filipino Night Club on Mezzanine Level 2 from 9pm-3am: This club should be finished within a month and the menu finalized.


110 New Rooms for Fujairah at the Fortune Royal Hotel, FIF, 14 February 2011.

Update: Congratulations and Celebrations at Opening of Fujairah’s Fortune Royal Hotel, FIF, 20 May 2011.

Contact Details

Fortune Royal Hotel

Al Gurfa Road

P O Box 7119

Tel: +971 9 2238886

Fax: +971 9 2238889

Email: contact@fortunegroupofhotels.com

Web Site: www.fortunegroupofhotels.com

Manager of Fujairah Fortune Royal Hotel and Fujairah Fortune Residence Apartments: Mr. Walid Issa Baw.

Geoff Pound

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