Fujairah Collage

Fujairah Collage
Some distinctive landmarks in Fujairah

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Boryana Korcheva is the Latest Fujairah Artist to Exhibit Her Creations

Fujairah artist, Boryana Korcheva, extends an invitation to all to attend the opening night of her first solo exhibition.

The launch is on Thursday 28 April 2011, from 7-9pm at the Fujairah Tennis and Country Club (see location on this map).

Come and meet Boryana for the first time. She is fluent in Arabic, Bulgarian, English and Russian and she enjoys meeting people. View her paintings and discover how living in Fujairah is shaping Boryana’s artistic talent and focus.

More about Boryana Korcheva can be gleaned from this interview in the Fujairah Observer or from looking at this digital gallery, Boryana Korcheva Art.

Creativity Capital

This solo exhibition by Boryana is the latest in a succession of exhibitions by Fujairah artists which underscores the way the Fujairah environment and landscape are conducive to getting the creative juices flowing.

So far this year we’ve had these artists making and/or displaying art in different medium:

Dubai Photographers Shoot Fujairah and the East Coast (another link)

This Fujairah-inspired painting has been displayed.

There was the visit of an Arabic Jazz artist on Earth Hour Day.

Swiss photographer, Michel Roggo exhibited his photos from Wadi Wurayah.

Dubai Photographers shoot Wadi Wurayah.

HCT students are designing posters.

Traditional Emirati crafts were displayed on World Heritage Day/Week.

The ‘African Mystique’ Art and Photography Exhibition continues.

And Fujairah has many more artists who paint, sketch or create in paper, infused glass....

On the Map

Come to Whoosh! on Thursday night or in the days ahead. You might get inspired to stir up your talent.

Boryana voices what many other local artists feel, “I count on the community’s support to put Fujairah on the art map, where it deserves to be.”

Geoff Pound

This article is also posted on the Fujairah in Focus-Facebook Page.

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