Fujairah Collage

Fujairah Collage
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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The UAE’s Sustainable Fish Cookbook Includes Recipes from Fujairah

Your Copy

The first Sustainable Fish Recipes Book from the UAE has been launched and you can download your copy at the link below.

The downloadable version means that you can open up your laptop on the kitchen bench and start cooking.


  • The text is in Arabic and English.
  • 20 ‘sustainable fish’ recipes means that cooking and eating the fish specified we will not be depleting the fish that are in short supply. These endangered fish are listed in this free book for download: Choose Wisely.
  • The recipe book is published by the Emirates Wildlife Society in association with WWF. Congratulations on the publication and congratulations on the awards!
  • The magnificent photos will have you drooling while you cook up a storm in your kitchen.

Fujairah Recipes

The book includes 20 recipes created by UAE residents which give it a local touch.

Here are three recipes by Fujairah (by-the-sea) residents to whet your appetite:

  • Debra Rein-Tourenq (who has cooked fish fresh from the ocean at Sydney, Australia) offers Deb’s Divine Faskar which flavours the fish with a large mouth-watering mango.

  • Maral Khaled Shureiqi (from the principal Syrian seaport of Latakia where Maral’s ancestors have been cooking fresh fish for thousands of years) presents Maral’s Mediterranean Fish Delight.
  • Christophe Tourenq (who earned his epicurean credentials in the south of France by cooking fish fresh from the Mediterranean Sea) has created Shaari Je t’ Adore. This French chef notes that his dish can also be made with other fish viz. Souli Je t’ Adore, Kofar Je t’ Adore and Faskar Je t’ Adore.


More information from this page where you can also download your copy of the book.

Geoff Pound

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Images: “The magnificent photos will have you drooling while you cook up a storm in your kitchen.”

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