Fujairah Collage

Fujairah Collage
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Monday, April 18, 2011

Visiting Fujairah’s Wadi Wurayah During and After Storms and Floods

Wadi Flooding

On Sunday 10 April, the emirate of Fujairah was hit by high winds and heavy rains which caused some damage and left most Fujairah roads flooded.

Andrew Scholtz, manager and teacher at Fujairah’s HCT (as well as off road enthusiast & trail blazer and medal winning swimmer) took a trip to Wadi Wurayah after the wind and rain. This is his report and photos:

“I visited Wadi Wurrayah on Friday, having been there last about a month or so ago along with staff and students from Fujairah Men's College on one of our regular Wadi Wurrayah clean-up trips.”

“I was surprised at the evidence of flood water action in the area. The tar road was strewn with debris and the wadi itself was far more difficult to navigate than on my previous visit - to the extent that people in smaller 4-wheel drives had abandoned their vehicles when the going got rough and walked the rest of the way to the pools.”

“The reed and papyrus beds around the pools had been completely flattened and I saw water flowing in areas never previously seen.”

“I can only presume that the storms on Sunday afternoon and evening had dumped a massive amount of water in the wadi catchment. It must have been a spectacular sight - and also a warning that wadis (more correctly awdia) are dangerous places to be in the rainy season.”

How to Get to Wadi Wurayah

Andrew has previously posted some off-roading trails for the emirate of Fujairah with GPS readings and photos taken along the way. These routes can be downloaded to a phone or similar electronic device.

He has kindly recorded two more trails:

Wadi Wurrayah by car.

Wadi Wurrayah by 4WD only.

He has capped it off with an article on this trip. Especially take note of the dangers of visiting wadis during or after heavy rain.


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Geoff Pound

This article is also posted on the Fujairah in Focus—Facebook Page.

Images: Thanks to Andrew for this information and for the two photos—the debris-strewn road and the flattened reed/papyrus bed.

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