Fujairah Collage

Fujairah Collage
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Friday, April 29, 2011

Whoosh! Art Exhibition Continues This Week in Fujairah

A good number of people from Fujairah and Dubai attended the launch of Boryana Korcheva’s public exhibition on Thursday evening but if you missed the opening you can still see her paintings this week at the Fujairah Tennis and Country Club.

The paintings in the exhibition represent the different stages in the career and development of the Fujairah-based artist but ‘the art of joy’ is the theme and focus which holds these eclectic creations together.

Art of Joy

Boryana explains in her introductory note:

“‘Whoosh!’ is a series of high energy, dynamic paintings of fish in motion. They have been inspired by my fascination with the ocean, its cool embrace and the magical transformation of light and colour in its depths. Diving amongst the fish and coral gives me a sense of calm and belonging, a desire to melt away and join the eternal currents.”

“The message of my paintings is simple: despite of all controversies and injustices, it is a wonderful world. My creative driving forces are the joy of life and the fun of being myself. If my paintings manage to sweep you in this happy whirlpool, then I have achieved my highest purpose. Whoosh!”

Fujairah Inspired

One of the delightful aspects in viewing these paintings is to recognize so many scenes from the emirate of Fujairah and to see the word ‘Fujairah’ in most of the captions which are written in Arabic and English.

There is a Fujairah flavour about so many of these paintings that engenders a sense of pride that an artist has invested so much time and effort into reproducing scenes with which Fujairah residents are so familiar. These paintings need to be taken to other emirates and countries in order to showcase the beauty of Fujairah’s landscape and the wonder in the ordinary, common things that Fujairah people see every day.

Tune into the way Fujairah is shaping the work of Boryana Korcheva:

“I am fortunate to live in Fujairah - a place bathing in sunshine all the year round, tucked between ragged rocky mountains and a warm restless sea, populated by a tantalizing mix of people from almost every corner of the world.”

“I source my subjects from my immediate surroundings—a glimpse caught on a mountain road, a dive, a shape suddenly appearing in another shape, or a moment of special connection with another human being. Such encounters explode into a chain of ideas calling for artistic incarnation and so the work begins.”

Feedback Welcomed

Do visit the Fujairah Tennis and Country Club this week, view the paintings in the Whoosh! Exhibition and then leave your name and a comment in the book provided.

Very few writers, poets and artists actively seek feedback, including constructive criticism but Boryana expressed on the opening night how important it is for her to receive this. She explained her desire:

“Look around the walls. I have experimented in different styles and in different medium. In many ways I am at the crossroads of my artistic career. I could go in different directions but I am not sure in which direction I should head.”

Perhaps a comment about a painting or a note about which painting had the most impact on you might be one of the signs that this Fujairah artist will value in the years to come as contributing to a vital turning point in Boryana’s career.


Fujairah Tennis and Country Club—Check location on this Google Map.


Boryana Korcheva Art—Facebook Page.

Geoff Pound

This article is also posted in the Fujairah in Focus—Facebook Page.

Image: See how the style of this Wadi Helo oil painting is quite different from the fish painting that is part of the Whoosh! Publicity?

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