Fujairah Collage

Fujairah Collage
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Saturday, October 8, 2011

The Developments at the Fujairah Port—Latest News

Mr. Sohail Iqbal, the Chief Engineer of the Fujairah Municipality, spoke to his audience at the France—Fujairah Forum (29 September 2011) about the developments at the Fujairah Port, in his keynote address on Fujairah’s big projects.

Here are his major points and photos:

Port of Fujairah
The Port of Fujairah is characterized by these features:

+ Drafts of 15 metres.

+ A 1.4 kilometre long Main Quay.

+ Two bulk loaders for aggregate export.

+ Southern Breakwater Berths.

+ Northern Breakwater Berths (OT1)—Oil Berths.

+ Northern Breakwater Berths (OT2)—Oil Berths.

Two Bulk Loaders

There are two bulk loaders used for aggregate export. Here are the specifications:

+ Berth lengths: 600 metres.

+ Draft: 15 metres.

+ The first bulk loader is capable of loading 2,000 tons per hour.

+ The second bulk loader is capable of loading 4,000 tons per hour.

Southern Breakwater Berths

+ Draft of 15 metres.

+ 840 metres of general cargo berths.

+ A travel lift facility and berth available for the lifting of supply and associated vessels for maintenance and repair.

+ Common user sites for vessel repair.

Northern Breakwater Berths (OT1)—Oil Berths

+ Draft: 18 metres.

+ Four berths.

+ Commissioned in January 2006.

+ Lengths: 840 metres.

Northern Breakwater Berths (OT2)—Oil Berths

+ Commissioned in June 2010.

+ Draft: 18 metres

+ Four berths.

+ Lengths: 1,500 metres.

Range of Services

The range of services provided by the Port of Fujairah includes:

+ General cargo—including project cargoes.

+ Bulk cargo—including aggregate exports.

+ Wet bulk cargo—including fuel, oil for bunkering and trading.

+ Port facilities for small supply craft users and agents.

+ Container activity and other port services.

Other Major Fujairah Projects

Strategic Grain Terminal in Fujairah—Latest News, FIF, 6 October 2011.

Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Highway Between Dubai and Fujairah-Latest News, FIF, 5 October 2011.

France—Fujairah Forum

Several articles have been posted on this France-Fujairah business forum, held in Fujairah on 29 September 2011. Go to this article and follow the links that it includes.

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More Fujairah news, information, photos and videos are posted on the Fujairah in Focus Facebook Page.

Images: Photos are drawn from Sohail Iqbal’s Powerpoint Presentation and are used with thanks.

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