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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Fujairah Welcomes the French Highlighting Emirate's Strategic Location

Mr. Sharif H. Al Awadhi, Director-General of the Fujairah Freezone Authority, gave a keynote address to the French visitors at the France-Fujairah Forum (29 September 2011) entitled, ‘Welcome to Fujairah: Location Amidst Success.’

Location, Location, Location

This is the catch cry of those in the real estate business but many times this point was highlighted at the France-Fujairah Forum—the strategic location of the North Eastern emirate that faces the Indian Ocean, thus avoiding the strangulation of the Strait of Hormuz, any time there is war or international tension.

The location is just as much a financial factor (lower insurance premiums) as ease of access compared with trading through the Arabian Gulf.


Mr. Sharif spoke of the resources available to international investors through the Department of Industry and Economy in the way of infrastructure, initiative, advice, guidance, investment and getting operations done.

Growing Port

The Director-General of the Fujairah Freezone Authority spoke of the vital importance of the Fujairah Port in ensuring safety, encouraging efficiency and introducing more vessels to the Fujairah market.

He outlined the various activities of the offshore anchorage area, the harbour craft fleet, the development of the oil terminals and new refinery operations that are being established on vast areas of reclaimed land.

Airport Development

The Fujairah International Airport was highlighted in relation to its key role in handling cargo, aircraft maintenance and recycling or retired planes.

The proximity of the port with the airport and plans to bring these even closer is a bright attraction for traders.


The concept of the Fujairah Freezone was outlined as a facility offering:

+ 100% Tax exemption

+ 100% Repatriation of capital and profit

+ Liberal manpower recruitment possibilities

+ 100% ownership of business

Diverse Sectors

The Fujairah Freezone seeks to ease the operations of businesses from the diverse sectors including trading, manufacturing, logistics, assembling, servicing, contracting, education and petrochemical.

Investment Potential

The Director-General said there was plenty of scope for business investment in many more sectors including aviation, finance, industrial, media, tourism, medical and marine.

Freezone Facilities

The Fujairah Freezone offers these facilities to business owners and CEOs:

+ Office space

+ Warehouse and logistics

+ Customized buildings

+ Open land

Freezone Development

The facilities were being developed with the opening of Phase III of the Fujairah Freezone in the Al Hayl industrial area as well as the commodity zone within the port region.

Furthermore, the Ruler of Fujairah has established a new Industrial Oil Freezone to oversee and coordinate the various activities of the oil and petrochemical activities in Fujairah.

Development of Natural Resources

With Fujairah being 80% mountains, the emirate has benefited from the quarrying of aggregate and the export of many types of mineral resources. Under the leadership of the Fujairah Natural Resources Corporation there is currently further investigation, processing and development of the emirate’s natural resources that include limestone, gabbro, cement, clinker and other potential mineral discoveries.

Freezone Benefits

In addition to practical items such as office and warehouse space, Mr. Sharif highlighted some other major benefits of basing an international business in the Fujairah Freezone.

These include:

+ Multi-access to neighboring and international markets by land, sea and air.

+ Access to a variety of investment fields

+ Investor-oriented policies

+ Full investment security

+ The stimulation and resource of others e.g. The Fujairah Chamber of Commerce has 9,000 members and is the major organization for the promotion of commerce in the emirate of Fujairah.


Check out the book, Doing Business in Fujairah, for further information on setting up and succeeding in business based in Fujairah.

International Business Forum Highlights Fujairah’s Assets and Opportunities, FIF, 4 April 2011.


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Images: Welcome to Fujairah; Mr. Sharif H. Al Awadhi, Director-General of the Fujairah Freezone Authority extends the invitation and welcome; Aerial view of the Fujairah Port; vast areas of land have been reclaimed for establishment of refineries and related activities.

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