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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Fujairah Chaplain Peter Chase Awarded Honorary Doctorate

The Rev. Peter Chase, Chaplain of Fujairah’s Flying Angel and vicar of the Fujairah Anglican Church (St Nicholas), was awarded an honorary Doctor of Divinity degree on 13 October 2011 from the Episcopal Graduate Theological Seminary, in Berkeley, California.

Rev. Chase received his degree along with two other priests—the Rev. Mary Frances Schjonberg, an editor with the Episcopal News Service in New York City and the Rev. David E. Pettengill, a retired priest in Mesa, Arizona—in recognition of their significant contributions to the Episcopal Church.

The degrees were presented as part of a celebration of the Holy Eucharist in the All Saints Chapel on the Church Divinity School of the Pacific (CDSP) campus.

Peter Chase

The news service of the CDSP reported this introduction:

“Chase received his Master of Divinity degree from CDSP in 1980, and since has served churches in California, Salt Lake City, Utah, and Massachusetts. He currently lives in Dubai [Fujairah], United Arab Emirates serving as Chaplain to the Mission to Seafarers, serving with the MV Flying Angel, which serves the second largest anchorage in the world. It is the world’s largest seafarer center with more than 20,000 seafarer visitors each year.”


At the conferral the Rt. Rev Mark Hollingworth, Bishop of Ohio, presented Peter Chase and gave an extended account of his achievements. Here is a summary of his statement:

In Peter’s first appointment as an Associate Rector in California, he contributed not only to the parish but also to the diocese, especially in the areas of pastoral care, church planning and youth ministries.

As Rector of the Episcopal church in Salt Lake City, Utah, for almost a decade, Peter played a critical role in an ‘extraordinary ecumenical venture’ in which the church shared fellowship and service with five mainline denominations.

During Peter’s seventeen years of service as Rector of St. Mary’s Church in Newton, Massachusetts, his leadership gifts were relied upon in the church and community alike. A list of his accomplishments and leadership positions during this period is lengthy but is marked notably by his commitment to clergy vocational development and wellness. Peter served as co-President of the Massachusetts Episcopal Clergy Association, worked as a mediator with individuals and churches in conflict and acted as a mentor to young vicars.

His commitment to the ongoing support of the ordained leadership is reflected as well in his dedicated services to the CDSP alumni.

Retiring from fulltime parish ministry, Peter Chase has spent the last two years with the Mission to Seafarers in the Northern Emirates of the United Arab Emirates. There he serves as chaplain aboard the MV Flying Angel, the only boat of its kind, serving the second largest anchorage and the largest seafarer’s center in the world. As well he is vicar of the St. Nicholas Chapel in downtown Fujairah, a ministry to expatriates in the Anglican Diocese of Cyprus and the Gulf.

As husband, father, priest, community leader, CDSP alumnus and Boston Red Sox fan, Peter has lived up to his name and his namesake, modeling fidelity and providing rock-solid leadership as a Christian and an Episcopalian.

Family and Friends

It was significant that the contribution of Peter’s family was recognized in the formal presentation and honor. Peter’s family—Abbie (wife), Gaelan and Benjamin—were all present in San Francisco to witness the joyous conferral, as were a number of alumni, former colleagues and friends.


Congratulations are extended to Dr. Peter Chase upon receiving this honor and recognition for a lifetime of significant service.


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Geoff Pound

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Images: Rev. Dr. Peter Chase; A trio of doctors in their academic gowns—from left to right, the Rev. David E. Pettengill, the Rev. Mary Frances Schjonberg and the Rev. Peter Chase; the MV Flying Angel.

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