Fujairah Collage

Fujairah Collage
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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Fujairah Continues Rigorous Health and Hygiene Campaign

520 Tours

At the direction of Engineer Mohammed Saif Al Afkam (pictured), Director of the Fujairah Municipality, a food inspection campaign throughout September 2011 involved 520 inspection tours.

64 Violations

A total number of 1745 stores and restaurants were visited, resulting in the discovery of 64 violations of health regulations.

A further 154 businesses received warnings.

New Licenses

70 new licenses were granted to food shops and another 86 for general-purpose shops and offices.

102 cars that convey food were inspected and had licenses renewed.

Monthly Tours

The Fujairah Municipality said that the aim of the monthly tours is to improve health conditions for the protection of consumers and to preserve the integrity of the members of the community.

The work of the department is one of awareness raising, tightening the legal action against violators and to generally intensify inspections campaigns to regulate food and non-food items.

Geoff Pound

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Images: Engineer Mohammed Saif Al Afkam, Director of the Fujairah Municipality; A variety of feta that has passed the test.

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