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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Fujairah Celebrates World Food Day

There were several Fujairah groups and schools that featured World Food Day this year but staff and students from Fujairah’s Abu Jandal School made a significant contribution on 15 October 2011.

The Abu Jandal School in Faseel is a UNESCO school and the students and staff who form the UNESCO Team developed several initiatives.

Breakfast Lesson

The UNESCO team prepared breakfast for students and staff to emphasize to the entire school the significance of World Food Day and the importance of each person in a community having healthy food and a balanced diet. Leader of the UNESCO Team, teacher Monther Burmawi, said that sharing breakfast together as a school gave tangible and tasty support to the proverb, “Sound body, sound mind.”

Preparing the Packages

After breakfast, students involved in the UNESCO Team packed up the fruit that they and their families had generously donated. The tables in their classroom looked colorful and were groaning under the weight of so much food.

After some photo opportunities the team got ready to make a number of visits to people who would benefit and enjoy the gifts of food.

Variety of Visits

The UNESCO Team visited laborers on their work sites and thanked them for their efforts to the community of Fujairah. They gave the workers food and water and talked briefly about the global importance of World Food Day.

Similarly, the team visited a kindergarten and gave the children and their staff food and water bottles. The team was welcomed and thanked for their generosity.

The team then went to the Fujairah Hospital. They met the head and staff of the Children’s Section and talked about the purpose of their visit and the objectives of the UNESCO Associated Schools in particular. They then visited children and in the ward, gave them fruit and water and wished them health and safety.

Big Impact

When asked about the effect that the day had had on the students and those that they visited, Monther Burmawi replied:

“The impact was very great. The UNESCO Team realized the importance of what they had done towards the patients, especially the children. The total experience engendered a sense of pride in being members of the UNESCO Team at the Abu Jandal School, which is one of the first UNESCO Associated Schools in the Emirate of Fujairah.”

“We strongly express our thanks to the school leadership, especially the support shown to the UNESCO Team by our Principal, Mr. Ali Mohammed Yousef, who has helped facilitate activities like World Food Day.”

UNESCO Schools

Founded in 1953, the UNESCO Associated School Project Network (commonly referred to as UNESCO Associated Schools), is a global network of more than 9000 educational institutions in 180 countries.

The project was established to educate schools on issues related to UNESCO’s “overarching goal of promoting peace and international understanding.”


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Take a Look

Some photos taken of the Abu Jandal UNESCO Team preparing the food and visiting different people and institutions in Fujairah are posted in this photo album.

Geoff Pound

Image: Principal, Mr. Ali Mohammed Yousef, helps prepare the UNESCO Team of students at the Abu Jandal School as they visit groups around Fujairah in recognition of World Food Day.

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