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Fujairah Collage
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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Free Public Wi-Fi Hotspots in Fujairah

High tourist cities like New York have big plans to increase the number of Wi-Fi hotspots in the city.

People can connect online at hotels but New York’s five-year digital initiative is designed to establish free Wi-Fi to 26 parks around the city.

In addition to parks, New York is rolling out Wi-Fi to subways, limo services and high tourist centres such as Times Square.

Fujairah Wired

In addition to Colleges, hotels and restaurants in Fujairah it would be good to see some more free Wi-Fi hotspots.

Further free public Wi-Fi Hotspots would:

+ Indicate that Fujairah is Serving its Tourists. Hotels and restaurants are quick to indicate the Wi-Fi features to its customers as a sign of their comprehensive service—see this web page of ‘Wi-Fi Wireless Internet Hotels Near Fujairah Airport’.

Free and public hotspots around the city would also convey the same message from the city leaders to all tourists. Web sites like this one indicate that the Wi-Fi service is a selling point and something that prospective visitors are looking for.

Some of the frequently asked questions online include these ones:

? Where are the places to stay with Internet/WiFi in Fujairah?

?? Where do I find free Wifi hotspots in Fujairah?

??? Are there Internet Cafes around Fujairah Port? (asked in cruise ship reviews)

+ Reduce the Remoteness of Fujairah. There’s a widely held perception among residents and tourists in Dubai and Abu Dhabi that Fujairah is way out in the boondocks. The new and fast Dubai to Fujairah highway will lessen the tyranny of distance but to be a city and emirate that is effectively wired will connect Fujairah more closely with the world.

+ Enhance Fujairah’s Technological Sophistication. Fujairah is commonly perceived as being slow (shway, shway) and behind the times. In truth, many Fujairah residents don’t want their emirate to be a photocopy of another emirate and they are keen for Fujairah to be itself. This doesn’t mean, however, that Fujairah should ignore the advances of technology and having an improved Internet service including Wi-Fi hotspots will bring e-benefits to tourists and residents.

+ Underscore Fujairah’s Great Outdoors Status. The New York five-year digital plan indicates the importance of the parks to the ‘Big Apple’.

Similarly, the rolling out of more Wi-Fi hotspots in parks and on the Fujairah Corniche would highlight the importance of the coast and the beaches for tourists and residents alike. It would allow people to remain connected while they are outside and enjoying the Great Outdoors of the emirate.

Fujairah Wi-Fi Hotspot Locations

The Etisalat Wi-Fi locator for 9 public hotspots in Fujairah would appear to be an incomplete list:

* Abu Dhabi Securities;Fujairah (next to National Bank of Abu Dhabi)

* Al Meshwar Restaurant

* Fujairah International Airport

* Fujairah International Marine Club-café

* Fujairah Tower

* Gefsi Restaurant and café

* Ozone Café

* Oceanic Hotel Khor Fakkan

* Emirates Springs Furnished Apartments

Du Wi-Fi only lists a service at the Fujairah Airport.

Wi-Fi Hotspot Hopes

Can you add to the list above, more free Wi-Fi Hotspot locations around Fujairah?

In which Fujairah locations would you like to see a free Wi-Fi hotspot?

Geoff Pound

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DaddyBird said...

Are the Etisalat and du hotspots free? They usually aren't in my experience.

The Fujairah Tennis and Country Club has free WiFi in Aces Bar and in the Bamboo Lounge.

There is WiFi Freddy's Restrobar and Taravad Restaurant at the Fortune Royal Hotel, and probably in other areas too, but you have to ask the staff for the password. They've always been have to provide it for us when we go there as customers.

Yes, Fujairah certainly needs to work on this. If residents don't want to be just like other emirates, having ample free Internet access would certainly set them apart, as it's hard to find in Dubai or Abu Dhabi!

Geoff Pound said...

Thanks for your helpful comments Paul!