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Fujairah Collage
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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Preparations in Full Swing for Sword Competition at Fujairah Fort

Cultural Cooperation

For the first time the Organizing Committee for the Al Saif, traditional sword competition, hosted the qualification tournaments of the Fazza Youla Championship in the saif (sword) arena in front of the Fujairah Fort.

Normally the Youla (traditional Emirati dance) tournaments are held in Dubai but this event, several nights ago, was part of the framework of strategic cooperation between the two championships.

The Al Saif Organizing Committee affirmed that the cooperation is a positive step toward accomplishing many achievements, exchanging knowledge and skills and thereby raising the performance level of both championships.

Under this cooperative agreement the two championships will coordinate on issues of mutual interest with the common aim of reviving heritage and traditional arts, promoting Emirati identity and inspiring national values in the hearts of the younger generations.

Registrations for Sword Competition

The Organizing Committee of the Al Saif Traditional Sword Competition is still receiving registration applications from participants.

Click on the ‘REGISTRATION’ button at this link and register as a ‘Participant’.

If you are a photographer, videographer, journalist, writer working for a media organization or for your own interest it is important to click on the ‘REGISTRATION’ button at the above link and register as ‘Media’.

If you can spare some hours and would like to help in the preparation and running of the sword competition, please click on the ‘REGISTRATION’ button at the above link and register as a ‘Volunteer’.

Expanded Sword Arena

The Organizing Committee reports that the saif (sword) arena has been expanded (lengthened and widened) to an area of 1600 square metres.

Earlier this week the arena was watered and unmarked (see photo).

Members of the committee and their helpers have been marking out the external lines of the arena as well as the circles.

The circles are the places where the swordsmen must throw and catch their swords. Accuracy or lack of it will determine the marks awarded by the judges to the swordsmen. The other top priority is safety. The organizers are keen to ensure that incorrectly thrown swords don’t land among the crowds in the grandstand (yet to be erected).

Opening Ceremony

The Organizing Committee is currently planning the official Opening Ceremony for the Al Saif Championship, which will be on the evening of 11 November 2011 commencing at 9pm.

The associated Heritage Village with its 30 shops/stalls and cultural festivities will be opening at 5pm.

Al Saif Programme

Work is continuing by the committee to finalize the sword competition schedule and the many heritage activities that will include a concert with entertainers, poetry recitations, children’s activities, bull butting, camel rides, horses, traditional boat building, a reenactment of an Emirati wedding and a host of other events and happenings.

See some of the heritage activities from last year in this photo album.

More details will be posted on the Al Saif Competition Facebook Page as they come to hand.

There will be activities at the Fujairah Fort on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays.

While the Al Saif Sword Competition commences on 11/11/11 at 9pm, the heritage village activities will start the night before, on Thursday 10 November at 5pm.

Countdown Clock

Check this web site that gives the most detailed countdown to the Opening Ceremony. At the time of writing the Al Saif Championship is due to commence in 14 days, 12 hours, 16 minutes and 12 seconds.

Further Information

Al Saif Committee Announces Fujairah Sword Competition for 2011, FIF, 17 October 2011.

To keep up to date with developments for the Al Saif Traditional Sword Championship 2011, stay tuned to these sites and links:

* Al Saif Traditional Sword Competition Web Site.

* Al Saif Competition Facebook Page—Click LIKE to receive the latest news.

* Al Saif e-Booklet with competition details, historical background etc.

* Al Saif—Check this site to indicate that You Are Attending.

Relive the Al Saif Championship of 2010

Watch this 3 minute video of the Al Saif Competition to see how it is a total experience.

To learn more about what happened in the Al Saif Traditional Sword Competition in its inaugural year, go to this article and follow the links.

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