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Fujairah Collage
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Monday, December 5, 2011

Directions with Map from Dubai to Fujairah on the New Sheikh Khalifa Highway

Quicker and Safer

The new ‘Dubai-Fujairah Highway has finally opened (3 December 2011), providing a much quicker and safer route between the two UAE cities than previously available.

Fujairah to Dubai

Officially named the Sheikh Khalifa Highway, the road cuts through the Hajar Mountains starting in the Al Hayl area of Fujairah and ending with a junction of the Sharjah-Kalba Road just East of Maleha.

The new highway gives an easier and much more direct path between Fujairah and the Western Emirates, and with three lanes each way and no large trucks allowed, promises a much improved journey through what was previously the most challenging part of the trip to the Eastern Region.

From Dubai to the New Highway

To get to the new roadway from Dubai, one can easily access it using emirates Road, or even more easily by the Dubai Outer Bypass Road if that is convenient.

From Emirates Road

Using Emirates Road, head into Sharjah and shortly after entering, get off at the National Paints roundabout, turning right to take the road toward Maleha. Go straight on the road, passing through the outer industrial areas of Sharjah, and eventually passing the Outer Bypass Road on the way out into the desert toward the Eastern Region.

From Outer Bypass Road

If starting on the Outer Bypass Road, take the exit for Kalba and the Eastern Region. You will immediately pass an ADNOC station on your right.

Maleha Road/Sharjah-Kalba Highway

The Maleha Road/Sharjah-Kalba Highway will take you on a fairly direct path through the picturesque desert, eventually passing through a stony ridge and into the lovely plain occupied by the town of Maleha. You will pass a new ADNOC station at Maleha and an overpass decorated with a large statue of a coffee pot.

Onto the Sheikh Khalifa Highway

About two kilometers after passing the Maleha overpass, you will approach the exit to Fujairah on the right, which then continues with an overpass heading north across the road to cut through the mountains.

Take the new road and enjoy the quick, safe and scenic drive through the Hajar Mountains.


Many thanks to Paul Castle for writing this article and providing the map (click on the map to enlarge).


Mick O’Reilly, Dubai to Fujairah in Only 40 Minutes (article and video), Gulf News, 5 December 2011.

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For traditionalists wanting to take one of the old routes:

Directions from Dubai to Fujairah, FIF, 12 September 2008.

Image: Map of the new Dubai to Fujairah route which is also posted here on the Fujairah in Focus Facebook site if you cannot enlarge the photo on this site.


Anonymous said...

Your blog entry is the first site that comes uo when I Google "new dubai fujairah highway map". You've stolen a lead over quite a few contenders.
Well Done!


Geoff Pound said...

Thanks Sunil!

Sharjah said...

That is a nice write up Geoff, i already took a print out of this page to experience the new road.
Thanks for posting this

Punk Dervish said...

We are going to Wadi Wurayah on Friday and i will be using your directions for the new road .Thanks

♥♥Shardraco♥♥ said...

Do the RTA buses go through this highway now as well? I was planning to go to Fujairah for the weekend...

Geoff Pound said...

Buses are not allowed to go on the new road. They go on the old road through Masafi and Dhaid.

Abhi said...

Hi Geoff, I would be visiting Kalba Hospital early June this year. Would like to know about the best possible way to reach the same from Dubai, as i am not from Emirates and do not know much about the transport available. I was hearing about the opening of this new road, but found it first on your blog. Thanks

Geoff Pound said...


I don't know of buses from Dubai to Kalba.

Suggestion you get the bus to Fujairah and then a yellow taxi for the 18kms to Kalba Hospital.

Get off not at the first stop which is on the outskirts of Fujairah but at the next stop which is near the Perfume Dispenser Roundabout and the taxi stand after coming down the main street of the city.

There will be plenty of taxis ready to take you where you want to go and don't want to go. They have meters. Ask for the meter to be turned on.

Enjoy your visit


Anonymous said...

Hi Geoff, I've heard that there are no radars on this road. Is it true? (not that I intend to drive over the speed limit. Drive safe everyone!)

Geoff Pound said...

There are 30 radar cameras in the process of being installed on this road to add to the existing number. Drive wisely and safely.

Anonymous said...

How many minutes does it take driving on speed limit, from Dubai near JLT/Marina to Fujairah. I may have to take a new job there and commute daily from Dubai to Fujairah.


Geoff Pound said...


Drivers familiar with the route can get from Fujairah to the Dubai International airport in about an hour and a quarter. Those who drive under the speed when the speed camera flashes (about 138 kph) can do it in an hour, if traffic allows.

It would take AT LEAST an hour and a half to get to JLT/Marina, but that does NOT take into account any bad commute traffic that would be certainly be encountered when approaching the destination.