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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Fujairah Joins Clean Up UAE Day

Clean Up Fujairah

Staff of the Fujairah Municipality have gathered on Fujairah’s Umbrella Beach this morning to support Clean Up UAE in the Eastern Emirate.

Between 300-500 school children are involved in the programme this morning (8 December 2011)which involves registration, T-Shirts, speeches (in the tent pictured below), sand castles, morning refreshments and cleaning rubbish from the beach.

On the 12 December there is a similar exercise at Wadi Wurayah with companies participating instead of schools.

It’s a pity that the clean ups are not happening on a weekend when ordinary citizens can come along and participate in these worthwhile community events.

Need for Deterrence

It is an exercise in cleaning and education, prevention and cure.

It is good to have occasions to do some Spring cleaning and the educational aspect is important, however Fujairah has not yet introduced measures to deter people from littering, especially in public places like the beach.

Most householders pay for domestic helpers to do the cleaning in their homes and this mentality carries over into public places whereby people think, “Let’s leave our trash on the beach because we have Municipality workers who are paid to pick up our mess in the morning.”

Tough Fines and Policing

Dubai has introduced some steep fines for littering and Fujairah needs both tough fines and vigilant policing.

The paper, plastic and broken glass left on the beaches during the recent Eid holiday was both a disgrace and a safety hazard.

More photos are posted in this photo album.

Geoff Pound

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