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Fujairah Collage
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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Talk to ‘Saif’ the Animated Character at the Fujairah Fort

New Mascot

New features keep on appearing at the Al Saif Championship and Fujairah Heritage Village and one of the latest innovations is an animated character and mascot, appropriately known as ‘Saif’.

Interact with Saif

You can talk with Saif, the Emirati swordsman, when you arrive through the main entrance of the Fujairah Heritage Village. On the left you will see a television screen and Saif may call out to you, ‘As-Salamu Alaykum’, ‘Hullo’ or a greeting in your language.

Exchange greetings and enter into conversation with him. Some visitors have appeared surprised to see and hear Saif greet them and they’ve been shy to talk back to the cartoon character. You’ll quickly warm up into the experience.

Information Officer

It may appear gimmicky and a little entertaining but talk more with Saif and you will see that his role is also to give information and even serve as an educator on things to do with the Al Saif Competition, the Fujairah Fort and the Heritage activities. After all he is sitting in the Fujairah Heritage Village Information Centre.

Cartoon Characters

These cartoon characters, or Interactive Animation Systems, are becoming an increasingly popular means for businesses and organizations of combining the latest technology with a marketing strategy.

Hover around the entrance to the Fujairah Heritage Village and you will see old people and young children talking with Saif, who will quickly become the symbol and marketing voice of the Al Saif Championship for the Crown Prince Award.

Endless Possibilities

The technology has boundless applications as Saif can respond to visitors with appropriate eye gestures and arm movements and maybe he might be able to do some sword dancing and sword throwing!

There’s also provision for allowing visitors to appear on the screen with Saif, giving them an unforgettable experience, especially if they receive a CD recording of the conversation to replay later and show to their friends.

Entertainment and Education

Because this is a live experience between visitors to the Fujairah Heritage Village and Saif, the on-screen cartoon character, this has the potential to become a useful means of education, especially with the younger generations who are attending the Fujairah Fort with their families and schools.


‘Saif’ has been created by members of the Al Saif Championship Organizing Team in conjunction with ECB Animalive, Dubai.

More information is posted on the Al Saif Competition Facebook Page and contact details are listed on this web page.


Anonymous said...

Where can I get more information on Saif?

Geoff Pound said...

At this link and you could ask for a UAE office contact if you are in the UAE: