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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Pakistani Isthiraha Restaurant in Fujairah

Strategic Location

About three years ago the Isthiraha Restaurant opened on Fujairah’s new bypass, the long, four-lane, Kuwait Road. It seemed an unlikely choice of location on what looked a deserted road but in three years a long row of tall commercial and apartment buildings have sprung up along Kuwait Road and it is a quick walk from the ‘Opening Shortly’ Century Mall with Carrefour.

The place was almost full when we dined in this restaurant for lunch the other day.

Unfortunately, the restaurant seems to be a mainly male dining precinct with female diners being something of a rarity.

The name ‘Isthiraha’ means something like a resting station. The décor is basic, the food is tasty and, according to those from the homeland, it is authentic Pakistani food.

The television permanently glued to the cricket channel is a telltale sign that it is a Pakistani restaurant!

Wider Range

To attract a wider range of diners Isthiraha offers Chinese food and Fast Food (burgers, nuggets, hotdogs and sandwiches).

The Faseel restaurant was started by an ex-banker, who is planning to open another restaurant in Norwich, England.


Isthiraha Restaurant and Cafetaria

Kuwait Rd, Faseel

P O Box 5169


Ph: (09) 2282001; (09) 2228289

Coming from the city down Kuwait Road towards the Beach Motel Roundabout, the restaurant is soon after the driveway to the HCT-Fujairah Women’s College and before the road going up the side of the Century Mall. It is very close to a mosque.

You cannot drive directly into the restaurant parking so you have to take the next turn right and double around towards the Kuwait Rd.

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Check the Menu

Remember that a restaurant will change its menu and its prices. This menu is accurate as at December 2011. Let me know if and when the menu changes. It can be downloaded from this link.

Take a Look

Some pictures of the restaurant and some dishes we enjoyed are posted in this photo album.

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