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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Concorde Kitchen Turns into a Classroom for Fujairah Children

Last week the kitchen at the Concorde Fujairah Hotel became a classroom and the Concorde chefs became teachers, as children from the Fujairah Private Academy (FPA) were welcomed.

Each day (over three days in December-12, 13, 14) a new class of approximately 23 children came to the Concorde with three teachers.

The subject for all three visits was ‘Healthy Food and Food Hygiene’.

The groups arrived in the hotel lobby at 11am and were given a tour of the hotel. They assembled in one of the large preparation areas where banquets are readied for hotel functions.

Concorde chefs led by Chef Musbah gave brief explanations about healthy and unhealthy cooking and eating but most of the two-hour session involved hands-on learning.

The children were each given a hair net to wear before putting on plastic gloves. The challenge for the children was to make their own lunch and on the menu was a beef burger followed by a fruit and custard tart with water to drink.

Chef Swapan and his helpers demonstrated the making of coleslaw, after which the children began assembling their burgers.

Pastry Chef Glen showed how to squeeze custard onto the tart before the children laid slices of melon, kiwifruit, pineapple and strawberries onto their dessert.

Lunch at the Concorde kitchen for children and teachers of the FPA was a matter of food for thought as well as food to enjoy.


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Geoff Pound

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