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Fujairah Collage
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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

6 Reasons Why the X-Cat Powerboat Race in Fujairah Will Be Well Worth Watching

At a Press Conference this week, several reasons were given as to why 12-13 April in Fujairah should be marked on your calendar and kept free for watching the X-Cat Powerboats do battle out from the Fujairah Corniche.

Reason #1: History

While the Fujairah International Marine Club is well experienced in hosting boat races, this is the first time that Fujairah is hosting one of the heats for the X-Cat series (formally known as Class III). Be part of history in the making!

Reason #2: Final Race

The heats will already have been decided in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah but Fujairah has the honour of hosting the crucial final heat.

As they say in sport and in many other spheres, ‘It’s not over ‘til the fat lady sings’! Anything can happen, especially in extreme sports, so there’ll be lots of national and international interest to see who wins the final heat and the overall X-Cat Powerboat World Series Championship 2012.

Reason #3: Ocean Race

When asked at the press conference what is distinctive about the Fujairah race, Managing Director of the FIMC, Major Ahmed Ibrahim (pictured below), immediately responded: “This race is being held in the ocean!”

“Racing in the ocean is completely different from racing in the Gulf. The conditions are different and perhaps more challenging and unpredictable.”

Reason #4: Fujairah Personality

Mr. Mohammed Hareb (pictured below), Race Supervisor at the Dubai International Marine Club, said that every venue has its own personality and Fujairah, with its distinctive mountains and seascape, makes for a wonderful environment in which drivers and spectators can have an enjoyable two days of sport. Powerboat drivers enjoy the Fujairah conditions and the Fujairah hospitality.

Reason #5: Spectator Access

Head of logistical requirements, Mr. Pascoali (pictured below), from Lake Como in Italy, said the 5 nautical mile course in Fujairah has been arranged so that the drivers will have a variety in terms of water in the ocean and water within the ‘banana’. He said, “The water is always rougher in Fujairah than on the other courses so this will be different for drivers and more exciting for the spectators.”

The Fujairah course (pictured) extends from the Marina down to the Hilton Hotel so spectators will be able to line up all along the corniche. They will get superb views of the boats as they reach speeds of 120 mph, they will certainly hear the throaty sounds of the motors and will possibly get a strong whiff of the petrol fumes!

When asked if spectators will be able to get a view from the breakwater that encircles the ‘banana’, Major Ahmed said they are seeking permission from the Fujairah Police to do this.

Reason #6: Spectator and Driver Security

Mr. Sid Ahmed, the General Secretary of the World Professional Powerboat Association (pictured below), said about the issue of seating the public around the ‘banana’, that there is a fine balance between giving superb spectator viewing and ensuring spectator security. “We have to bring sport to the public,” said Mr. Ahmed, “but we need to do this without lowering the high standards that we have established over the years in terms of security.”

Mr. Sebastiano, Safety Officer for the series (pictured below), added:

“The race must be absolutely safe. We will have qualified rescue teams on hand and all aspects of the race course have been studied in detail to ensure that it is as safe as it can be for driving teams and spectators.”


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