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Fujairah Collage
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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Fujairah Tourism Looks to Develop Old Fujairah

Developing Old Fujairah

On 12 February 2012, the Fujairah Tourism and Antiquities Authority (FTAA) signed an agreement with Decapolis Consulting in Jordan to make a comprehensive and integrated study with a view to developing the old historical part of Fujairah around the Fujairah Fort.

The agreement aims at achieving the FTAA’s aspiration of highlighting the cultural and tourist features of Fujairah through developing, maintaining and restoring old Fujairah to place it among the most prominent of tourist destinations.

The development will enhance tourism and cultural awareness in the emirate while benefiting from the latest advances in archaeology and touristic architecture.

Decapolis Consulting will provide the design, consultancy and the technical supervision of the architectural and cultural features of the project.

Many Components

The plan includes preparing to build a stadium, an antiquities museum, a traditional museum, a new headquarters for the FTAA and a traditional souk. A new main entrance will be created in harmony with the historical nature of the area.

Experienced in Antiquities Tourism

The chairman of the FTAA, Ahmad Khalifa Al Shamsi, said about this proposal:

“Decapolis Consulting has been asked to develop this location because it has the expertise and knowledge in the field of tourism and antiquities and the ability to design, construct and offer studies of the area.”

“The FTAA will do its best to facilitate the work of the company by providing resources, supplying required data and holding meetings with researchers and specialists involved in Fujairah archaeology to exchange information.”

First of Many Projects

“This is the first step towards developing other historical areas such as Al Bidya Mosque, Al Hail Fort, Al Bithna Fort, Awhala Fort and Masafi Fort. We aspire to make Fujairah a unique and leading destination for tourism.”

Static Village to Bubble With Life

Prof. Ziad Al Saad, General Supervisor and Project Consultant said:

“The old Fujairah area is distinctive and different because of what is nestled inside it—a whole historical life and form. All we have to do is to turn it from a silent and static village to a historical centre that is bubbling with life.”

“We have been given the task of overseeing the restoration and maintenance in all the stages of the project, to carry out all the necessary field trips to evaluate the progress of the project and to make sure it conforms with the original vision. We will also be giving all the necessary technical observations and consultations in regard to this field during a period that doesn’t exceed eight months from signing the contract.”


The signatories were His Excellency, Ahmad Khalifa Al Shamsi, Chairman of FTAA and Eng. Marwan Saeed Al Zubaidi, Director of Decapolis Consulting.

The signing took place in the presence of His Excellency, Saeed Al Samahi, Director of FTAA, Prof. Nadhir Abu Obaid, Dean of the College of Architecture and Design at the Jordanian University of Science and Technology and Prof. Ziad Al Saad, General Supervisor and Project Consultant.

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