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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Banks, Companies, Hotels, Schools Involved in Fujairah Terry Fox Run

Individuals and Groups

While individuals are currently registering to participate in the 2nd Fujairah Terry Fox Run, starting at 9am on Saturday 25 February, there are many corporate initiatives to get groups of people along the Fujairah Corniche.

The rules of the Terry Fox Foundation prohibit the sponsorship of a Terry Fox Run or individuals and companies profiting from the Terry Fox brand.

Many UAE and Fujairah companies, schools, social clubs and hotels, however, are rallying their staff to participate with the express purpose of corporately being engaged in this community event and as an act of solidarity in raising money for cancer research in the UAE.

Staff Encouragement

This is the second year that Hamad Jumah Al Ghashmy Zahmi (pictured) has been involved in the Fujairah Terry Fox Run. He has served on the Organizing Committee and as a National Bank of Fujairah (NBF) Branch Manager, Hamad has been encouraging his staff to run and walk.

Social Responsibility

Hamad explained:

“The NBF has a Committee for Social Responsibility and our branch has two members who serve as members of this national committee. Such a group focuses for staff the importance of being responsible for people in the community. We are actively encouraging our staff to be involved in the Fujairah Terry Fox Run as a way of giving and serving and doing something practical and significant.”

Leadership is Crucial

The leadership of CEOs and General Managers like Hamad’s example is crucial to mobilizing the staff to participate.

General Manager of the Concorde Fujairah Hotel, Mohamed Fekry, and General Manager of Le Méridien Resort at Al Aqah, Patrick Antaki, have encouraged their respective staff to participate on Saturday as a genuine expression of the way they see the service role not just in the hotel dining room but in the community.

Fujairah Terry Fox Run Details

The 2nd Terry Fox Run/Walk/Ride horses/Rollerblade will commence at 9am on the Fujairah Corniche, over from the Sadaf restaurant.

The Corniche will be closed from 7.00am approximately.

Free registration can be undertaken online at this link as well as downloading a pledge form to get others to give while you run.

There is no pressure to walk more than a few steps but some will walk/run the short 3 km course, others the 5km course and still others the 10 kms course. See the courses illustrated.

T-shirts are available from Lulu and Carrefour Thursday and Friday (6-10pm) and will be available at the registration desk on Saturday morning. Further information and a photo.

If you have registered you may want to Check In and get a sticker to wear.

If you have a certificate from running last year or somewhere else, bring it along and get another sticker for it, otherwise you will be presented with a new certificate this year as your record of participation.

Children and pets are welcome and encouraged to participate. There will be face painting and other attractive activities.

Thanks to Takatof for having a team of people to serve as volunteers along with the HCT. There will be guides and drink stations.

More Information

More information or the opportunity to ask a question is posted on the Fujairah Terry Fox Run Facebook Page.

Geoff Pound

Image: Hamad Jumah Al Ghashmy Zahmi has been involved in the Fujairah Terry Fox Run in the last two years. He has served on the Organizing Committee and has given leadership to his staff as a National Bank of Fujairah (NBF) Branch Manager (Masafi).

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