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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Fujairah Municipality’s First Employees Appreciation Day

A Fujairah First

Congratulations to the Fujairah Municipality for a new initiative in honoring its veteran employees on Friday evening (10 February 2012) at the first Employees Appreciation Day.

Held at the Siji Al Diyar Hotel, the event was attended by H.E Eng. Mohamed Saif Al Afkham, Director General of the Fujairah Municipality, Mr. Abdulla Al Hantoubi, Deputy Director of the Fujairah Municipality, heads of departments and sections in the municipality and a large number of employees.

Pros and Cons

The Employees Appreciation Day aims at celebrating the achievements and successes of the previous year and assessing the negatives and problems that the municipality and its branches face, in order to improve performance and achieve greater success.

Creative Work Environment

H.E Eng. Al Afkham commenced the ceremony by thanking all the employees of the municipality and explaining that the purpose of the event was to realize the vision of His Highness, Sheikh Hamad bin Mohammed Al Sharqi, the Ruler of Fujairah and comply with his directives to create an active and creative work environment in which every employee feels satisfied and secure.

Towards the Vision

Afkham added that the event is designed to recognize all the efforts made since the establishment of the municipality in order to achieve its vision towards a sustainable and comprehensive urban environment that relates to the ambitions of Fujairah in building a thriving and modern emirate with an integrated infrastructure.

Integral to this objective was the desire to honor the long-serving employees of the Fujairah Municipality.

Achieving Job Satisfaction

Al Afkham expressed his firm belief in achieving job satisfaction for the municipality’s employees through establishing a positive and open work environment that rewards (morally and financially) hardworking individuals after training and qualifying them. This can reflect positively on increasing work efficiency and providing better services for all their customers, whether they are individuals or institutions.

H.E Abdulla Al Hantoubi, Deputy Director of the Fujairah Municipality, gave a detailed presentation that highlighted the most significant achievements of the municipality, its tasks and the role it aspires to at both the internal and external levels. He said that the Employees Appreciation Day was an opportunity to motivate employees and spur them towards greater achievement and progress.

Al Hantoubi pointed out that the municipality spares no effort in improving and refining the skills of its employees through education and training to maintain the level of their outstanding performance.

Good Spirit

The Dean of the Employees, Mr. Mohammed Oun, gave a speech in which he affirmed the good spirit of the employees inside and outside the municipality workplace. He urged the staff to uphold these beautiful qualities that reinforce the culture of excellence and the recognition of hard work.

Accomplishments and Plans

Representatives of the IT, Health, Licenses and Environment Departments gave a presentation about their accomplishments and their plans for the year.

Happiness and Pride

Employees expressed their happiness and pride in attending the event that affirmed the good initiative and faithfulness of the management. They testified to the depth of the relationships between the staff and management and expressed their gratitude to the director and deputy-director for their generous and thoughtful gesture that will stimulate them further in their performance and commitment to the task.

Certificates and Rewards

Certificates of appreciation and rewards for veteran and model employees were presented at the ceremony.


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