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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Concorde Fujairah Hotel Launches Wild Mountain Experience in Bithnah

The Concorde Fujairah Hotel has developed a partnership with a farm owner in Bithnah, Fujairah that will give to hotel guests, Fujairah residents and tourists the opportunity of enjoying an authentic Arabian experience in the wadi (valley) surrounded by soaring mountains.

Mountain Experience

Announcing this new partnership, Concorde’s General Manager, Mohamed Fekry said the Bithnah experience is a first for Fujairah and possibly the UAE. Fekry said, “There are many places in the UAE where people can go into the desert but the Bithnah partnership will give people a mountain experience.”

Bithnah is only 13 kilometres from Fujairah but, enveloped in the wadi by high mountains, one feels a thousand miles away from your everyday life.

Mountain Features

The owner of the farm property, Ali Musabah Al Kaabi (along with his family), has been developing new features in recent years. Being an Arabian horse enthusiast, he has a horse stud with riding facilities, camels kept mainly for racing, a gazelle and oryx enclosure and a number of birds such as doves, peacocks, chickens.

Ali is completing the construction of two bed and breakfast places made from the rocks in the wadi but with contemporary finishings, including a swimming pool out the front.

A number of ‘arish (huts made from palm trees) and sablah (shelters) are dotted around the property to give protection from the sun while offering wonderful views.

Tour Timings and Cost

The main tour (minimum of four people) will be of three to four hours duration with pick up time between 3.30pm-4.00pm at the Concorde Fujairah Hotel car park and drop off at the same location between 9.30pm-10.00pm.

Such a tour could include a visit (on the way) to the historic Al Bithnah Fort, a look around the gardens and orchard, the viewing and riding of the camels, the horses and other animals.

A game of volleyball is one of the sporting activities on offer before enjoying a sumptuous meal, a shisha, henna painting and the wearing of traditional Emirati clothing (for photo opportunities). Apart from these activities, people may well want to sit and relax or go for a strenuous mountain walk to the top of the ridge to catch a magnificent view.

The all-inclusive price for this tour is 175 AED per person.

Other Excursions

The versatility of the Bithnah property is immense and in addition to the above tour there could be many other possibilities such as the following:

+ Daytime picnics for families, cultural clubs, businesses

+ Overnight camping

+ Serious mountain climbing

+ Retreats for management and staff, leadership teams

+ School and College visits to learn about Emirati culture, Fujairah landscape, history that goes back to the Iron Age

+ Photographer’s excursions

The sky is the limit. Dream about how you and your group might avail yourself of the benefits of Bithnah’s wild mountains. Present your proposal to the Concorde.

Fujairah Enterprise

Earlier this year, His Highness, Sheikh Mohamed bin Hamad Al Sharqi, the Crown Prince of Fujairah, visited this Bithnah farm and was impressed with all the new features aimed at introducing residents and tourists to the ancient Emirati heritage.

The partnership between Bithnah Wild Mountains and the Concorde Fujairah Hotel is a creative one and an expression of the entrepreneurial spirit that is alive in Fujairah.

Take a Look

Some pictures to give an idea of what to see and do on a Bithnah tour are included in this photo album.

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